As a digital design agency, we are forward-thinking and constantly looking to see what’s next in our industry. What tools will be becoming available to improve our work-flow and efficiency? And in this article… What design trends will we be seeing in the future?

Here are a few design trends that we feel will be making an impact in the coming year.


Clean & Minimalist

RBU2 Branding Identity – Moloko Creative Design Agency

This design trend could be called a philosophy and has been prevalent for decades. Minimalist designs are timeless and use simple and bold visual solutions to create memorable compositions (especially impactful with brand identities). Simplified forms, clean lines, limited colour palettes, plenty of white (or black space), and highly legible typefaces can be found in Clean Minimalist designs.

Massive Typography

Enormous font sizes are nothing new in Design, it has been utilized in design for years and the look, honestly, is incredible. It can be unconventional, but generates impact in design layouts and can replace images. The limitation is that the Title copy needs to be concise, so the client, copywriter, and designer/developer will need to be on the same page.

Typography as the Main Element

Afisha Logo Development

In this design trend, you will find compositions that utilize type as the main design feature. Designs use several font choices to construct a design (in most cases a logo) that is unique and eclectic.

Abstract 3D and AR

Design by Anna Marinenko

The advancement and integration of 3D graphics and augmented reality (AR) present fresh opportunities for brands to enhance interactivity and immersion. This transformative development not only enriches user experiences but also holds the promise of significant cost and time savings for companies through the increasing adoption of generative design.

Abstract Geometry

Branding for the Orchestra of the Americas Academy

As we progress into 2024, the adoption of “organized chaos” through abstract geometry is on the rise. Designers are embracing the use of numerous abstract geometric shapes and compositions, moving away from simplicity and immediate readability. This trend encourages the creation of visually intricate designs, challenging conventional norms and stimulating creative expression.

Schematic Representation

Memphis Art Museum Branding – Pentagram

In contemporary design, the effective communication of complex concepts is paramount. Graphic designers, recognizing the importance of accessibility, are turning to schematic representations. These visual tools prove invaluable in conveying intricate ideas in a clear and easily digestible manner, particularly in projects or solutions of heightened complexity, thereby enhancing visual storytelling and comprehension.

AI-Generated Imagery

The surge in popularity of AI-generated images is reshaping the landscape of visual content creation. Recognizing the impact of visuals on websites and other collateral, designers are leveraging AI tools to overcome traditional challenges. This shift enables the creation of custom images with unprecedented ease and at minimal cost, eliminating the constraints associated with conventional image creation. Platforms like Adobe Firefly and Mid Journey stand out as excellent starting points for designers exploring this transformative wave.

Modern Nostalgia

A trend that gained momentum in 2022, modern nostalgia continues to evolve in 2024. This design aesthetic revolves around seamlessly blending elements from the past with contemporary sensibilities. Vintage-inspired elements such as typography, images, and patterns are skillfully interwoven with a modern twist, resulting in designs that strike a balance between familiarity and freshness. Anticipate designers experimenting with diverse eras and styles, fusing elements from the 70s to Y2K to craft novel and exhilarating designs.

Website Design

Dark Mode

This design trend started to become very popular last year because it looks great and it’s easier on the eyes. Its clean and professional aesthetic conveys a more serious feel, which aligns with the needs of many businesses. To clarify… Dark Mode doesn’t mean all-black, any dark colour will do, including gradients and other elements.

Bento Grid

This trend definitely doesn’t fit every website’s design layout needs. But if you’re looking to create a visually pleasing Dashboard, this one could do the trick. However, if information structure and storytelling are required, a more traditional and linear layout may still be more suitable.

Vibrant Gradients

Gradients possess the transformative ability to elevate a website, infusing depth and effectively filling spaces. They serve as an excellent means to bestow a professional yet playful aesthetic to a website, all without the complexities of crafting custom assets or the need to scour for stock photos or videos. These dynamic gradients prove especially helpful as engaging backgrounds, introducing depth without overshadowing the textual content. The advantage lies in the availability of numerous free websites designed to facilitate easy customization and creation of your unique gradients. Whether in a design or development tool, the process is versatile and accessible.

Hope you are as excited as we are to see how these trends materialize and if any other exciting trends develop.

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