The Importance of Research for Social Copy

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on social media—scrolling through every post, browsing and leaving comments, fact-checking information and more. This is why research is so important when writing social copy for your channels, specifically your organic posts (these posts live on your social feed and don’t have any budget behind them to get promoted).


Why Research?

In a world where anything can be said on the internet, you need to have reliable and honest content on your social feeds that your audience knows they can trust. Well-researched, organic social content is a great way to build brand awareness and trust with your audience—so the importance of research is clear! 

Now, when I say research, I’m not talking research like one of your college essays—no need to cite your sources in the footnotes here! But you do need to give credit where it’s due (tagging local businesses if you use their photos or information on your feed, tagging a website if you’re sharing an article, etc.). 


Storytelling on Your Social Feed

Part of building brand awareness is telling the story behind your business—what are its unique selling propositions? Why should the audience support your business? And while this type of content is always unique to your business, it’s great to back up your brand story with fact-checked, researched information—especially if you’re selling a product or service—in order to be taken seriously and continue to build trust with your relevant audience group.


Building Connections

Social media is a great way to build connections within your community. Tagging other businesses (especially local businesses that are active on social media!) is a great way to get your business out there and involved. And if your business is going to be out there on social media, you want to have a good reputation behind you. If your business is known to post false information and has constant errors, other businesses might not want to build these helpful connections with you.

As you can see, research is very important when curating your social content. When you’re gathering ideas for your supporting content, it’s a good idea to set aside some time to do proper research. Your audience will thank you—hopefully in the form of a post like!