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Clean up Your Website Content like a Rockstar

Having the ability to see the bright side of things sometimes requires resilience and detachment. During trying times like these, seeking new opportunities is almost like a mandatory modus operandi. 

The Future is Modular: Atomic Design approach

Progress and technology have changed the world in a place where fast-development is the standard. And for teams and professionals to keep up with this pace, efficient processes are a key ingredient.

GMD Nearcation: What To Do Around BC This Summer

Looking for a Nearcation? GMD's got your back. Check out this list of staff recommendations to inspire your next local getaway.

Ownership of the Facebook Business Manager

For any business owner with a social media presence, it is crucial to control ownership of the Business Manager. But what is Facebook's Business Manager? What is the difference between a Facebook Business Manager and a Facebook Business Page? If you ever asked any of these questions, read on.

Social Advertising Case Study

In order to make sales, brands must advertise and when it comes to advertising, there are many different ways it can be done. Find out how one client used social ads to meet their objectives.

GMD Staff Picks: Podcasts

Now that everyone is spending more time at home, we as a team have noticed that we’ve been consuming a lot more media whether it's books, movies, TV or podcasts. We asked the GMD team what they have been listening to while working from home.

Personalization can bring results for sponsored content

Internet users no longer want to see the same content everywhere. Instead, they’re looking for something unique, fresh, and relevant to them.

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Mavenlink Made Easy

Your time has come. Today is the day you will unlock your true communicative and organizational potential. The day you go beyond the limits of email and memory as devices for project tracking. The day that you finally free yourself and merit the title, Mavenlink Master. Let’s dig in.

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is a form of native advertising paid for by an advertiser but crafted and shared by a publisher. The publisher will already have a healthy list of subscribers, making it easier for the advertiser to reach new audiences and convert leads.

Design Study: Atomic Age Design

As we celebrate the significance of the latest SpaceX launch, we’d like to throwback to a bygone era of design that stemmed from a time of changing technology and space exploration  – the Atomic Age of graphic design. 

You should ditch Internet Explorer right now

Anyone who knows a web developer has probably heard them gripe about Internet Explorer (IE) at some point. Is that because us developers are generally a cranky bunch or is there really something to all of this IE hate? While I agree that developers on the whole are an ornery bunch in this case there are some great reasons for giving up on Microsoft’s former flagship.

Is eCommerce the need of the hour?

eCommerce is exactly what it sounds like—the selling and purchasing of products and services on secure platforms online. As we re-enter our localities and approach a new normal, businesses that haven’t set up their stores on eCommerce platforms should consider making the investment in this branch of their business.