Sharing your business updates on Google My Business during COVID-19

Use Google My Business to communicate and share updates about your business during COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips and Tricks from GMD: How to Work Remotely

Despite remote work trending upwards in the digital age, many are bringing work to their abode for the very first time in light of the pandemic.

Meet Team GMD: Farah Tarannum

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Farah Tarannum, our Digital Product Co-ordinator. Farah is new to the GMD team and brings a keen eye for content and some killer podcast recommendations. Read on to learn more about Farah!

The Increased Importance of First-Party Data

With the decline in third-party cookies, it is more important than ever to collect first-party data and organize it into usable information to segment users and create personalized online experiences.

AI + Human collaboration = Dream Team

The landscape of marketing now offers a dizzying array of options, more complexity, and ever-increasing loads of data for marketers to adopt for their visual communication strategies. How do we manage all of these choices? Enter: A.I. and automation.

Crisis Media Planning

Many of us have a high level of fear and anxiety around current events and when that happens, seek to absorb all the information that we can find. It’s a natural response to an unnatural state of affairs. 

Meet Team GMD: Tom Laventure

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Tom Laventure, our Software Developer.  Read on to find out more about what makes our resident problem-solver with a pizza-making habit tick.

Case Study: You Have the Power

Visibility and representation matters. Our work with EJTC further bolsters this declaration and we are just as dedicated in this mission as our clients are.

color of the year 2020 bg

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

For two decades now, Pantone's Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, from fashion to home furnishings and textiles to industrial design, as well as graphic design. Typically, trends that we see in colour are reflecting significant macro trends that are taking place in culture.


With its concept rooted in brand trust and trendsetter wisdom, GMD has launched a new lifestyle authority –; one part business concierge, one part lifestyle zine.

Design Thinking for 2020

Design thinking is a process that asks us to use solutions-based thinking instead of problem-based thinking. How is it different? Rather than looking at obstacles, we examine the ways around them.

Meet Team GMD: Betty Jin

This week on Team GMD, we are featuring Betty Jin, one of Business in Vancouver's own Account Managers. Betty spends her time developing win-win partnerships with clients and building her ever-expanding know-how in digital.