Meet Team GMD: Rob Akimow

Today we meet Rob Akimow, Director of Advertising for The Richmond News.

IHOP’s Rebranding: Success or Failure?

If you have been disconnected from the internet in the past 2 weeks, you may have missed one of the boldest marketing moves of 2018.

Case Study: Aunt Leah’s

Aunt Leah’s Place needed to reach landlords with vacant units across the Lower Mainland. Glacier Media Digital implemented a cause marketing program and a fully integrated campaign to better communicate their message.

Pop quiz: What’s Your Traveler Type?

Are you a Trendsetter or an Adventurer? Our team recently developed an online quiz experience to create a fun and engaging micro-moment. We invite you to play and find out what type of travel personality you are.

5 Movies To Watch This Summer To Get Rid Of Your FOMO

FOMO: Fear of missing out. We've all been through it, and these movies should help ease the pain of not having plans this summer.

Meet Team GMD: Chaney Cheung

Say hello to the enigma that is Chaney (pronounced Chan-eee). As our Senior Search Specialist, his mission is to help brands and netizens find each other. He is essentially a matchmaker - one who wields the powers of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Also, please note that he likes long walks on the beach.

The funnel in Facebook advertising

When it comes to campaign planning we start off with one question: what is the goal that we are hoping to accomplish through Facebook advertising? The reason why we ask this is so we can help accomplish these goals through the funnel.

Meet Team GMD: Manny Sidhu

Introducing this week’s feature on Meet Team GMD, Manny Sidhu. He’s our Website Project Manager and just like the first letter of his name, Manny is in the middle of everything at GMD. When he’s not hammering away at website proposals, Manny loves hockey and enjoys long walks on the beach. Want the 411 on Manny?

Hootsuite Social Breakfast Vancouver Takeaways

Two weeks ago, our Social Squad stormed the Hootsuite Social Breakfast Vancouver at the Rosewood Hotel. Our team has learned so much from the event. Therefore, We have created a blog to share some of the key takeaways with you.

Dynamic Creative: A Programmatic Solution for Auto Dealers

Dynamic Creative is only available for auto dealerships and involves serving ads that display actual vehicles in the client's current inventory, with the same features that the user has recently searched throughout the internet.

Why Kamloops Matters

If you haven’t heard by now, Glacier Media has launched an online-only news site in Kamloops, B.C. Armed with three fierce journalists and a ready-to-kick-butt sales team, KamloopsMatters strives to punch above its weight.

Why Start With Why

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle sets a framework for how most organizations or people think, act or communicate. That is, they do so from the outside of the Golden Circle, from WHAT to WHY. And for good reason - they go from the clearest thing to the fuzziest thing. Have you encountered this recently?