RGD’s Design Thinkers 2020

This year’s Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) Design Thinkers conference explored how design thinking helps us adapt to a world that was knocked off its feet.

Instagram’s Mid-Life Crisis

New features, new interface, new content—Instagram has gone full force with a pretty major overhaul in the past few weeks. If you’re feeling like you don’t know your trusty old app the way you used to, never fear, we’re here to acquaint you with these changes.

The Power of Immersive Digital Storytelling

Recent developments in technology have provided tools that make us feel more connected. However, if we look at this phenomenon through a sociological lens, the essence of good communication has not changed very much.

Google Quality score

Quality Score And How To Improve It

Quality Score is Google’s rating system of the quality and relevance of keywords and ads. We can ensure we cover our bases by doing our best in improving our quality scores.

wordpress migration

Two Developer Tips for Your First Migration

In this article we’ll go over a couple things to keep in mind so you can keep your first Wordpress site migration as smooth as possible.

3 Keys to Succeed with Digital Fonts: PLUS An Insider Scoop

To really appreciate a font you need to know what makes a good digital typeface. So to welcome you into our world of decision making, here are some general things we consider before rightly landing on our favourite typefaces.

How To Make Your Social Media Presence Bloom

10 ways curating your social media presence is like taking care of plants

social media copywriting

The Importance of Research for Social Copy

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on social media—scrolling through every post, browsing and leaving comments, fact-checking information and more.

Traditional and Digital Tactics in Political Marketing

Political parties lean into traditional marketing strategy to align with voter emotions, use market research to craft messages appealing to voter ideologies, and increasingly rely on digital marketing tactics to connect with the undecided in real-time.

Mavenlink Made Easier

Your time has come. Today is the day you will unlock your true communicative and organizational potential. The day you go beyond the limits of email and memory as devices for project tracking. The day that you finally free yourself and merit the title, Mavenlink Master. Let’s dig in.

Showdown: Wix vs Shopify

How does Wix shape up against the industry standard Shopify e-commerce platform?

Step Into Our [Home] Office

In case the recent days (and weeks, and months) have become somewhat of a blurry memory marked by polishing off numerous Netflix series and finally mastering that sourdough recipe—September officially welcomes the six-month working-from-home anniversary.
So we wanted to check-in, how’s everybody doing out there?