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Brand Story: Endorsed

Reviews can be helpful, but are they real people raving (or complaining) about the item they’re considering? Endorsed alleviates this uncertainty by providing readers with verification that products displaying the ‘Endorsed’ logo meet key standards.

Meet Team GMD: Bilal Lashari

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Bilal Lashari, Digital Coordinator.

2022 Dev Trends – Headless websites are go!

A Headless website is one that uses WordPress or other Content Management Systems to store content but relies on a single page application built on a javascript framework to serve the front end of the website to the user.

Meet the Team: Paul Savluc

Digital Coordinator by day, data wiz by night. It's impossible to miss Paul Savluc's enthusiasm for data since he's connected more than half of his answers to it. I promise, I made a solid attempt at diverting to other topics early on, but you'll see on question 5 that I chose to give in.

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Trending Onwards and Upwards: Recruitment on Social Media

If you’ve been scrolling social media in the past year, you’ve seen recruitment posts. Industries are scouting for talent using social media.

Five Paid Search Trends We’re Watching

Here are five PPC trends we’re keeping an eye on.

Meet Team GMD: Elizabeth The

Today we are learning about Team GMD's Elizabeth The.

The Importance of Website Discovery

The discovery phase of website development is the most crucial phase of the project.

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LaterCon Webinar Recap

GMD’s organic social team is no stranger to LaterCon. A few members of our team attended and have outlined their major takeaways.

Colour Story: Tyrian Purple

Not only was the pigment prized as an item of luxury trade, it was believed to improve and become brighter as it aged. Unfortunately, for a particular sea snail species, this meant crushing thousands of them to produce even just a small amount.

B.C. Highland Games Case Study

The 38th annual British Columbia Highland Games, ScotFestBC, returned to Lafarge Lake Park in Coquitlam on September 3rd and 4th, 2021. 

Data Science and Visualization for Programmatic Advertising Data

We are in the process of learning from the data that we get from various channels in order to outperform previous endeavours.