New Year, New GMD

What does Tina Fey's critically-acclaimed television sitcom, 30 Rock, and Glacier Media Digital's agency brand evolution have in common?

2017 in Review: Top Content Writing Trends

Whether you’re a freelance magazine writer or a social media strategist,
chances are you noticed changes to the projects that came across your desk last year.

2017 in Review: The Growing Power of Video Content on Social Media

Video content is a powerful tool that brands can use to spread their message on social media.

voice searching

2017 in Review: Extended Search Optimization

With the evolution of search engines, there are an increasing number of ways to drive meaningful traffic organically.

2017 in Review: The Design Method that Shaped 2017

There is no particular technology that has shaped the digital landscape of 2017 so much as a fairly recently applied process.

2017 in Review: 5 Important Video Marketing Trends

Videos enhance emotions and influence buying decisions; it is a large part of the buying experience.

2017 in Review: Breaking Barriers in Web Design

As brands work towards the race to creating new and immersive user experiences, we've seen the emergence of broken layouts.

2017 in Review: The Year of Showing Emotion

More than ever, people were expressing themselves on social media through EMOJIS! 😘😆😱

2017 in Review: Google Adwords Updated its User Interface

A new year means a new start, out with the old, in with the old. For Google, it meant pushing out incremental changes and initiatives

2017 in Review: The Rise of Responsive Display Advertising

Did you know that the average household owns 7 internet-connected devices? It’s more important than ever to be responsive.

2017 in Review: Mobile search experiences more important than ever

Every year, businesses and online marketers are investing more time and resources into maximizing the experiences of their mobile users. 2017 was no exception.

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