Introducing the work breakdown chart for Social Advertising, also known as Paid Social or Facebook Advertising.

While Social Advertising is often sold with Social Pro, Contests, and Landing Pages, the work process is different from other services. When combined with Social Pro, it can be a powerful tool to broaden the audience base in a short period of time. When combined with Contest or a Landing Page, Social Advertising can help the client target accurate user groups and retarget users to move them down the funnel.

This guide walks you through each stage from entering the project via Sharepoint to reporting, and catalogues items that are required for onboarding, looping in steps for campaign refresh and campaign extension.


All the communication for social advertising campaigns is facilitated by a Digital Coordinator/ a rep (for markets that don’t have a DC.) Should you have any question regarding the workflow, please contact your DC or Director of Social Media, Katie Mercer.