Social media ads have captured advertiser interest for the ability to reach and target like never before.


Facebook ad units act uniquely because your messages are so pinpointed to user demographic and interest that the ads can seem to integrate by context as well, creating a wow-how-did-you-know-that effect on the user. Match this to low cost per click and razor-sharp return on ad spends and it becomes a compelling choice.


Two of the big social media networks, Twitter and LinkedIn, require that your ads be placed in-channel only and targeting can get expensive. Bang for the buck, we prefer using Facebook and placing ads in Instagram at the same time. The two media share a combined Ad Manager platform. Although the user objectives differ for Instagram, not every user is finding relevant content by hashtag so sponsoring your post will reach more audience and apply an effective filter to your message.


Credit to The Next Scoop


What kind of Ads?

1. Photo Ads
Choose a simple photo ad when the objective is to raise awareness or gain attention.
Let the picture tell the story and limit copy. If your image has graphic overlay, it should cover less than 20% of the picture to meet Facebook’s text to image guidelines.

2. Carousel Ads
These ad units are a dream come true for e-commerce advertisers. The carousel format allows you to rotate images frame by frame to add product selection, giving you more creative space to highlight products, features and brand touchpoints.

3. Video Ads
Pro-tip: Keep the length short because social viewers have short attention spans.
Rather than one longer video, edit into shorter, themed multiples. Add graphic overlay to cast a wider net. If your viewer has the sound muted, be sure that your message cuts through.

4. Slideshow
Every picture tells a story; your slideshow is an effective method of storytelling in your social marketing mix.

Canvas Ad


We have not talked about Canvas ads. When you think about television advertising and the kind of budgets required to produce an effective TV ad, think Canvas. If your client is investing heavily in creative production, Canvas is the right fit. This ad unit should be reserved for large-scale brand campaigns.

Final note: budget.
Q: Daily or Lifetime?
A: Lifetime. It lowers your CPC and gives you more impressions, along with higher CTR. Lifetime games the algorithm in your favour.