Our team recently developed a tourism campaign for Fairmont Hotels, with support from Destination Canada. The project included the development of the World Class Wild brand, microsite, and hashtag to anchor all digital and social marketing activities.

While on a trip to Victoria, I visited the renowned Butchart Gardens for the first time and took a photo, which I posted on Instagram and tagged with #WorldClassWild. When one of the campaign partners, Rocky Mountaineer, reposted the image on Facebook, their audience response was phenomenal. The post was shared nearly 7,000 times and liked by over 22,000 people.

What's All the Fuss About?

When they saw the post gaining organic traction within the first couple of hours – proof that this content is relevant to their audience – they added fuel to the fire by boosting the post to reach even more people faster.

I watched the engagement counter reach 20k in less than 24 hours. I was even more delighted to see that it brought back great memories and elicited positive responses from Rocky Mountaineer’s audience, which they happily shared in the comments. Not bad for a little snapshot (okay, I’ll admit it. I did spend about 20 minutes looking for the shot).

If you haven’t been yet, you should definitely check out the Butchart Gardens on your next trip to the island. According to the user comments, the gardens are enchanting all year long. Afterwards, be sure to drop in at the Fairmont Empress and ask the concierge about their #WorldClassWild experiences.