Welcome to the first Fun with Ads series where we showcase some of the most interesting ads YOU saw out there in the digital world. When it comes to digital ads, everyone sees different ads based on their interests and we are curious to know what kind of ads you’re seeing.

We know that the sales team plays a vital role in the success of any ad campaign, and we hope to show you a glimpse of what it looks like to create your favourite ad with GMD so you can create outstanding campaigns for your clients. Let’s get started!


Fun ad from Maria Plata at GMD Social Team

What: The advertiser is Kayak. The travel deal search site is widely known for its YouTube ad. The reel takes the form of a response video to comments received on their social media. 

The ad links to the travel page with Vancouver and dates in May are pre-filled. 


Where: Facebook & Instagram

Comments from Maria: I found these ads very clever. They definitely thought outside the box for this one. I saw it on my feed and it gave me a chuckle. The eyes and mouth filter is popular in social media reels. 


How to run it with GMD 

Thank you, Maria, for sharing the ad with us! If we were picking this up to run at GMD:

Product: Social Ads Executive & Optional Video Quotation

As this is a travel site, the size of the audience is quite large with expansive geos, and the Reels placement is more expensive per impression. We encourage clients to set aside enough budget for this ad. 

Process: Client briefing, Ad Account creation, and asset collection or creative production. For creative production, if the client is filming the video, the GMD team can supply ad specifications (video length, format, etc.) and the client can use the face builder effects to shoot the video and send it to us. Alternatively, if the client would like us to shoot and edit the video, the GMD project manager will discover the type of video they want to produce and provide a quote based on the scope of work. 

Ad delivery from a discovery form submission: 2-3 weeks for supplied creatives. A few weeks – 2 months for video production by GMD. 

We hope that this article has given you some great insights into what makes an ad campaign truly stand out. We encourage you to continue to share digital ads that caught your eye by taking screenshots of these ads and sending them to tharaguchi@glaciermediadigital.ca, you can help us stay on the cutting edge of what’s working in the industry and help us provide our clients with even more effective campaigns.