What are the communication challenges facing businesses right now? How can businesses reach customers in an economic downturn and when regular channels of commerce have been turned around?

These questions are all top-of-mind for businesses as the next phase of pandemic life is ahead.

We are moving through the era of disaster-tising and consumers are ready for life to return to a reasonable facsimile of normal. For businesses, this means we are now in a post-crisis media planning mode.

We have been hearing ‘unprecedented’ regularly. To be sure, re-opening the economy is still this, meaning we have to find effective ways to get the message to the audience. As a digital agency for a media company, we are seeing trends on both sides of our business. On the content side, traffic is way up because people want to stay informed and want to know how the pandemic affects their community. On the advertising side, businesses are running informative messaging, leaner campaigns reflective of the times, and looking for guidance on which products are important to add and sustain in the media mix.

Team GMD has been sharing marketing insights for Google, paid search, web updates and social media on our blog. This Thursday, May 14th, we are going to co-host a web broadcast on how sponsored content can address multiple communication points and provide case study insights on how it can also drive sales.

Joining me for the broadcast will be Jerrid Grimm, co-founder of our platform partner, Pressboard. Pressboard is trusted by the world’s top brands and publishers to promote branded content. We’ll have a special guest, Barry Hartman, co-founder of 505-Junk. Barry will share his success story and give tips for other small businesses on how they can succeed in this medium.

This webinar is free to attend and all businesses who attend will be entered to win a StandOUT sponsored content package.

Join us by registering here.