Here at Glacier Media, our internal agency ecosystem is made up of 150+ folks.

It’s time for another edition of Team GMD Q&A. It’s kind of like Vogue’s 73 Questions. Instead, it’s in blog form and there are less than 10 questions—because you’re busy and we respect your time.

This week on team GMD we are introducing Zoe Scott, our new Social Media Marketer.

Meet Zoe, a seasoned marketing professional originally from Scotland who has spent the past few years working with various brands on their digital marketing strategies. In addition to her passion for marketing, Zoe is also a mental health advocate and a true foodie at heart. Earlier this year, she made the move to Vancouver, where she joined the GMD team. Read on to learn more about Zoe…

In a short paragraph, tell us a little bit about your role at GMD. What do you do on a daily basis:

As a social media specialist, my focus lies in crafting effective Facebook and Instagram ads that align with my clients’ objectives. On a daily basis, I am tasked with ideating and creating compelling ad content while strategizing the most efficient way to achieve my clients’ goals. The diverse range of accounts I handle ensures that I am constantly challenged!

Describe yourself in three words (it’s hard, I know):

Caring, dependable, passionate.

Personal kryptonite?

Dairy Queen’s Cookie Dough Blizzards—I simply can’t resist them!

Hidden talent?

Food photography & styling.


I enjoy exploring new restaurants and cuisines, as well as keeping active through running and hiking. Cooking is also a favorite hobby of mine—I love to experiment with new recipes!

A cause/causes you are passionate about:

I am passionate about mental health awareness and support, having previously volunteered for a mental health charity. It’s important to prioritize mental health and well-being, reduce the stigma around mental illness, and ensure that everyone has access to the support and resources they need.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

The ability to speak and understand every language in the world. 

What does your ideal weekend look like?

For me, an ideal weekend would be one filled with movies, beaches, long walks, brunch, lots of coffee. Even better if it’s a Grand Prix weekend!

What are you listening to? 

Lo-fi Girl:  

Favourite quote?

“Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.”

Connect with Zoe on LinkedIn.