A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog with a Mavenlink tutorial. I included my email address in case readers were looking for more clarity. Since then, I haven’t received a single email inquiry but I’m still seeing and hearing about Mavenlink woes.

I put this tutorial together to reduce your workload and make your life easier. Believe me, master the basics of Mavenlink and you will notice how much more efficiently you are able to work.

Oh, you don’t believe me? Mavenlink is the answer to almost every client-related question you can ask:


Where was that proof link for the ads?” – MAVENLINK

When did we start that Adwords campaign?” – MAVENLINK

Which words are we targeting for the SEO campaign?” – MAVENLINK

When is the writer contacting my client?” – MAVENLINK

“What is th-” – MAVENLINK!!

“Yeah, but what abou-” *sigh…*



^^That’s a link – please click it^^

Here is a quick summary of what to expect:

What is a Mavenlink?

Mavenlink is a project management tool. You can use it to keep track of anything and everything that happens involving a client’s digital campaign. 

Where do they come from?

When you (the rep) sell a digital campaign, you fill out a JotForm which is sent directly to the marketing team. The team sets up the Mavenlink and invites all required members (including you!).

What does it do?

Mavenlink can be used for many things. However, let’s not worry about all the things it can do, and worry only about what we need it to do. We really only need Mavenlink for 2 things:

  1. Storing, sharing and finding information
  2. Communicating with the marketing team

Why do we use it?

Remember all those questions listed above in this article? These questions (and many, many more) are asked every day. Every day they create long email threads, unnecessary texts, and aimless scrap paper shuffling. 

All of that is avoided if you open your computer and check Mavenlink.

How do we use it?

The guide available HERE explains in small detail:

  • How to find a project
  • How to create a public or private post
  • How to find an old post
  • How to use the Task Tracker Tab
  • How to customize your email notifications
  • Tagging users
  • Comment threads
  • Linking to tasks
  • Pinned posts

This guide was built with Glacier Media reps in mind. It is a tool available to you that simplifies workflow and makes your life a little easier. 

After reading the guide, if anything is still unclear, or if we have missed some information, please email mmordak@glaciermediadigital.ca