The Funnel X Case Study #2

Case Study #2: Shopping Centers / Larger Corporate Developments 

Typically with shopping centres or corporate developments, these are seen as businesses that are represented as a large umbrella of smaller brands. These businesses are usually the overall look and feel that encompass the associated brands together. Therefore, how the funnel will be laid out with brands like these will be different to cases where you are dealing with just one business.

Here’s the case example: There’s an exciting new opportunity coming up in the township of Glacier. It’s a shopping development where multiple smaller outlet storefronts will come together to be called Glacier Village.

The goal for the brand [ Glacier Village ] is to curate an overall brand image while making it easily accessible for a user to search up the opportunities Glacier Village can provide (and ultimately have more people come to Glacier Village to shop).

So what type of digital marketing do they need and how does it fit in the funnel?

Since Glacier Village is fairly new, we do need a digital home for it. Building a website would be the first step in their marketing gameboard. Creating a website was not included in our sales funnel as we see it as a fundamental piece of one’s digital marketing and should be considered as the first step. We know that a website is the interface where you want your users to land. It provides abundant information about everything about you while giving users that first impression of what kind of business you are.


From the bottom-up with the funnel, we would recommend SEO & Blog Content Creation. SEO is a long-term digital agent and its value is crucial. SEO aids with your Google ranking and as a business, who doesn’t want to be on Google?! Since Glacier Village is not an e-commerce store, its conversions differ to the regular “Add to Cart” event. We want as much traffic to the site as it upholds all the recent news and directory. This is done by being searchable and having digestible yet backlinked quality blog content.

Moving up to Engagement & Awareness, Glacier Village needs to have a presence. Since Glacier Village is a hub of all stores essentially, it needs a corporate brand that attracts people to come to their shopping center. This can be accomplished through our social services such as the Social Media Pro & Social Contesting. This mix presents strong brand creative while focusing on reach and the cultivation of a brand voice. By having a curated platform that cohesively works with one another in terms of its content (i.e. photos, social ads, consistent and interactive posts), Glacier Village starts having its own persona. This sticks with people more as it becomes more than just a brand name. And as a result, it will ensure more user loyalty and recognition.

From here, you can start to branch out and see what is more beneficial for Glacier Village’s growth. Is a video ad to showcase the interior of the mall? Is it sponsored content for an upcoming event? As partners with Glacier Village, you should be able to play around with its marketing platform and see what works with what kind of budget they have.

And there you have it!
You, as a sales representative of GMD, have come across a shopping center and are struggling where to start: this is the case analysis for you.
Shopping centers or larger corporate developments are becoming more prominent and these businesses will inevitably also need marketing as a result of competition. By implementing layers of our sales funnel with the specific digital products, this creates an ecosystem that will push Glacier Village off to a better start.

Like Michael stated in his previous blog,

Each GMD product is not a standalone piece. It intermingles with others to have a fully loaded yet adaptable digital marketing platform.

But does this benefit your sales strategies? Well, it definitely should. You need to pivot for your clients. Being that patient guide to your clients will help in the long run by building trust. This, in turn, will result in having more freedom to work on that business’ marketing responsibilities.

If you made it this far to the blog, you’re off to a great start with all this! Continue to stay tuned for part III of the DC case series!

Catch you on the flip side,
Leia / TCN Digital Coordinator