Google has recently launched a new online training program where you can learn all about digital advertising in one place. Academy for Ads is a Google training platform that you can use to grow your marketing skills. It’s for anyone who is new to the industry or wants to grow their knowledge in programmatic, AdWords, and other Google Products.

Google Academy for Ads offers a brand new certification program for sales people in digital advertising. This certification will help digital sales executives and managers demonstrate their proficiency in online advertising and sales.

The questions cover the fundamentals of Google AdWords and client-facing sales skills. Google provides study materials for the exams, which you can find under the exam study guide section of the certification page.

The best thing about Academy for Ads is that it’s no longer like Google Partners, where you have to sit and read for several hours before you take an exam. This new platform gives bite-sized courses so you can learn at your own pace, wherever you are from your laptop or mobile device.

Learn the necessary skills to sell digital marketing services and products such as Google AdWords to new and existing clients. Here are the main topics that are covered in the course.

  • Introduction
    • Online advertising and AdWords fundamentals
    • Benefits of Online Advertising & AdWords
    • Where Your Ads Can Appear
    • Targeting Your Audience
    • Setting Bids & Budgets
    • Tools To Plan a Campaign
    • Tools To Measure a Campaign

Client-facing sales skills – The client-centric sales section is broken into a 13-parts, which will cover the following topics.

  • Part 1: Plan
    • Prospecting
    • Networking
    • Preparing
  • Part 2: Open
    • Delivering an Elevator Pitch
    • Getting Meetings Started
    • Positioning and Repositioning
  • Part 3: Identify
    • Discovering with Questions
  • Part 4: Recommend
    • Communicating with Benefits
    • Delivering a Customized Solution
  • Part 5: Close
    • Handling Objections
    • Closing and Setting Next Steps
    • Generating Referrals

You can access the certification page by logging in to

I’m proud to say that I got certified in the first attempt 😉

Although, Google emphasizes that this certificate is for digital sales representatives; I believe that anyone who works in the digital marketing industry can benefit from the same course too.