Written by: KC Gibson


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun   

This age-old adage accurately describes my 8-week internship with Glacier Media Digital.
It seems like only yesterday when I was led on a tour around the open concept office, designed with wood panelled ceilings and giant light orbs in the centre. I was mesmerized! I knew it would be an enlightening few weeks to come.



Initially, I familiarized myself with products and packages offered to provide a roadmap of what to expect in the next few weeks. This included SEO, SEM, programmatic, landing pages and social media to name a few. The focus for the next eight weeks was to learn as much as possible about digital marketing in a short amount of time. Sounds intimidating? It was, but definitely achievable!


I kicked things off with SEO, diving into keyword searches, learning about on-page and off-page activities, and incorporating best practices to increase page ranking on Google. Month-end reports took a considerable amount of time, utilizing InDesign to consolidate SEO, SEM and Programmatic reports from several platforms. In addition, I had my first glimpse into Google Data Studio, an integrated reporting tool that pulls data from different sources to create in-depth and visually stimulating reports.



After several weeks, I transitioned into landing pages and Google Analytics to ensure goals were being tracked. These tasks exposed me to coding, scripts and what makes a successful, conversion-oriented landing page. In addition, social media projects were added to my plate which included tasks such as managing Instagram followers, content research for blogs, and various social media platforms. At this point, the pieces were starting to fit into the puzzle. 


Throughout the internship, I assembled the weekly internal newsletter. Every two weeks, the newsletter theme changed along with article topics. I learned how to write effective email headlines, edit photos and blog posts as well as re-targeting for email campaigns. Coupled with editing photos and content for GMD’s Instagram feed, I was feeling confident and adept at digital marketing.



Reflecting back on the past few weeks, I can sincerely say that I learned as much as I could about digital marketing with the help of everyone at Glacier Media Digital. I will look back at this time in the future with fond memories of lessons learned and relationships gained.