Endorsed: your online shopping assistant

Shopping online has become increasingly common, the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of your home is tremendously appealing rather than face crowded malls and crawling traffic. There is endless choice and comparing prices from different retailers is a click away, plus your package will soon be delivered to your door. 

However, there are drawbacks, the main being that you may never really know whether you purchased a quality product that will last. Consumers have endless choices but don’t know if the goods they ordered are good quality or the best option. Reviews can be helpful, but are they real people raving (or complaining) about the item they’re considering? 

Endorsed alleviates this uncertainty by providing readers with verification that products displaying the ‘Endorsed’ logo meet key standards and can trust that featured items are vetted, thus allowing them to shop with confidence. 

Our design team set out to encompass the essence of the Endorsed program in the design of the logo and visual identity system.

The logo design: going the extra mile

The Endorsed logo was inspired by the timeless rubber stamp used to verify paperwork or invoices with ‘APPROVED, FINAL or PAID’. Being marked in bold ink by an expert,  these marks are definitive and convey the reputation/experience of the individual who applied it. When the Endorsed logo is placed on a product the viewer can trust that the item has the ‘Seal of Approval’ from an objective/impartial source and can feel confident in their purchase.

Notice an emphasis on the letter “R”? It represents the extra mile we go to make researched recommendations and provide reliable reviews. 

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The visual identity system: expressing the brand personality 

We started our visual identity system after completing a competitive analysis. A competitive analysis is a process by which we compare what already exists in a type of market and discuss what we like about it and what we know we could do better. This knowing what we can do better is part of what inspires visualization. And visualization is a language that we can harness to communicate our desired tone and mood. 

We wanted to be able to convey our excitement about our Endorsed products without having to actually say it. We felt that monochromatic graphic patterns composed of highly saturated colour values could create that energy. We also know that on a psychological level we as humans are attracted to round and soft shapes, generally perceiving them to be friendly. So this is now our personality: We’re warm, exciting and we really believe the products we’re promoting can add value to your life! 

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