Tech and business industries often talk about how design innovations disrupt the world. This year’s Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) Design Thinkers conference explored how design thinking helps us adapt to a world that was knocked off its feet.


Considering that the conference had to quickly adapt and redesign itself into a virtual one this year, many keynotes and panel discussion topics were likely reworked to discuss the immediacy of design in such socioeconomic conditions as well. Other sessions and workshops were able to stay true to the recent eminent topics in design business such as “Why Diversity Makes Dollars and Sense,” while bringing together a cast of presenters and speakers from all around the world.

We attended, of course, and found loads of inspiration and insights that have allowed us to keep our fingers on the pulse of design culture. Despite a pandemic which hinders physical attendance, design professionals nationwide were still able to connect and network through this online event, which just goes to show how resourceful a digitally-savvy community can be. We know it will just get better and better with each iteration and we can’t wait for the next one.

Until then, enjoy some of my favourite takeaways/thoughts from my conference experience, below.