Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of sharing information and knowledge as well as building stronger, meaningful connections. Through many years, stories have been passed from one generation to another, evoking emotions and transforming people’s lives.

Imagine this: your family getting together for Christmas. They sit by the fireplace and start sharing stories—happy, sad or encouraging—they all make everyone feel closer to each other.

In a similar way, storytelling can help brands succeed and build a connection with their customers. It’s been a powerful tool in advertising for many decades.

Take Coca-Cola, which is celebrating a century of its holiday advertising in 2020, as an example. The company is well-known for its marketing campaigns—“Open Happiness,” “Share a Coke,” and others—all of which have a story to tell at their foundation and evoke specific emotions in people.

The famous “Holidays are Coming” campaign first aired in 1995 and, since then, has become so popular around the world that it’s hard to imagine a person who hasn’t heard its theme song (bet you’re singing it right now) or doesn’t feel excited every time a Coca-Cola truck appears on the streets.

Although this year has flipped the world upside down, holidays are still the perfect time for telling stories, even if we can’t be physically together. And Coca Cola surprised us again. Their campaign for the 2020 Christmas season, directed by a New Zealand film director Taika Waititi, shows us what is truly important.

The story begins with a dad leaving for a work trip and his daughter giving him a letter to pass to Santa. The man goes on a dangerous adventure to deliver the letter to Santa but fails to do so because, well, even Santa’s office is closed on Christmas Day. He comes back home and opens the letter that reads:

Dear Santa, please bring daddy home for Christmas.

That’s the moment you realize this is more than just a commercial—it’s a piece of art. This story makes many of us tear up not only because we’ve had a similar experience in life, but also because we can recognize and relate to these emotions. Being with loved ones during this time is probably one of the best feelings.

No doubt, Coca Cola has mastered the art of storytelling in their marketing strategy. By sharing a story of an ordinary family, the company brought people together and, at the same time, made them feel more connected to their product.

And your business can do the same by successfully implementing storytelling in your advertising. Whether it’s a new social media direction or your overall marketing campaign, you will not only elevate your brand but also build a community of loyal customers who will follow your journey.

Happy holidays!