Just last month my Google Analytics and Google AdWords certificates expired. After retaking the exams and getting my certificate, I was inspired to write this blog outlining why you should be Google certified.

The importance of having Google Analytics and Google AdWords expertise has become more relevant as businesses are looking for ways to excel online. Especially in the industry we are in, we cannot simply ignore these digital tools: we should use them more often to improve client marketing efforts. The purpose of this blog is not to tell you what Google Analytics or Google AdWords is, rather let you know that Google has given you all the resources to help you become better digital marketers and ad managers.

With the amount of information already available online, don’t miss the point of putting in the effort to learn from Google and get certified. There are many of benefits of getting your Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications. Here are a few reasons you, as a marketing professional, should become certified:

Enhance your knowledge – The biggest and most important benefit of getting certified is to boost your competency in using Google Analytics and AdWords.

Impress your clients – Though most marketers fail to see the tangible benefits of being Google certified, you can gain a major intangible benefit when you let clients know you are certified. They will choose you over the competition. Google will endorse your skills once you complete their program. Being endorsed by Google is one of the foremost ways in which you can impress your customers and increase your chances of expanding your clientele.

Help your prospects – With insider knowledge of Google, you will be able to help your clients out like a pro. The program will let you in on some secret tricks and tactics you can use which will improve your prospects of getting to the top of SERP.

Get trained by Google – Every marketer can say that they know how to use Google AdWords and Analytics, but most of them cannot claim of being trained and certified by Google itself. Google will train you how to use the tools in the best possible way with real-life scenarios.

These are just some of the benefits you can gain from Google Analytics and AdWords certification. Remember, getting Google Certified is free and we challenge you to get yours now.

To access the exams from your Partners account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in with your Partners account: https://www.google.com/partners/.
  2. Click Certifications to see your exam status.
  3. Click See exams.
  4. Hover over the section of the exam that you’d like to take.
  5. Click Take exam to start taking the exam.