Stories are powerful tools for gaining brand trust.

Have you ever noticed that gaining insight into someone’s past or personality helps you relate and feel more connected to them or their cause? Like how superhero origin stories endear the characters to their audiences; or how discovering the meaning behind a work of art can prompt a conversation. When you provide these opportunities for revelation, you can cultivate within your audience a deeper understanding of your business.

Some brand stories are steeped in history, while others are crafted to reflect a company’s values or consumer benefits. Up until now, you may have wondered what the story behind the Glacier Media Digital logo is. Ours is one that is meaningfully crafted to synchronize our values with our services.

Digital marketing is what we do, but if you tell this to someone their next question might be, “Ok, but what is digital marketing?” A Google search of that query yields a slew of results and practices: Digital Marketing is the strategic placement of a promotion or brand message; Digital Marketing is the production and scheduling of content on social media; Digital Marketing is data + creativity + media; etcetera, etcetera. Distilling all of that into a digestible logo mark is impossible.

(below) These icons represent what we do – yes, that is a whole lot of digital marketing services.

Let’s step back and look at the bigger picture. In broad terms, marketing is an ongoing business activity that is performed to make the public aware of a company and what it has to offer. The things we do and how we do it will change with the times, adapting to technological innovations. Despite cultural shifts and tech disruptions, one thing is sure to remain a constant – as long as your business is active, so too should be your marketing efforts.

Simply put, marketing is like a perpetual motion machine.

We express this statement by relating the perpetual nature of marketing to the most famous perpetual motion machine – the newton’s cradle, a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres. We take the concept one step further by intersecting some graphic areas. This visually represents the cross-functional benefits of our separate services, which are great on their own but even better together (see below).

So there you have it. Even though a complete description of the agency and its services would require a paragraph or two, our logo is conceptually simple:

1. Forward Energy
2. Building Momentum
3. Service Integration

These three points sum up a simple story, and they shape our reason for existing.

We know that entrepreneurs and business operators are busy people and that promoting their brand becomes a question of time. Our mission is to act as their extended marketing department, and by freeing up the time and effort they invest in marketing tasks we enable them to take care of other aspects of their growing business.