The Case

Award-winning property developers, Homewood Constructors, have dedicated the past 36 years to earning their reputation for delivering projects to the highest possible level of service and quality. In November of 2021, we began working with Homewood Constructors on a B.C. real estate advertising campaign to help generate interest for one of their newest projects, 565 Residences, located in the popular James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, B.C.

The Method

Research shows that promos/ offers, images and video at 27%, 25% and 16% respectively are the top three ad content types on the Facebook platform when it comes to persuading people to click through to a website. However, as we were faced with limited digital assets to visually showcase the property we opted to focus on using the ad text to highlight the unique selling features of the upcoming development. With this at the forefront of our minds, we opted for two ads, one focusing on the amenities of the development and one focused on the appealing James Bay neighbourhood.

Graph depicting the most persuasive social media content to inspire click-through action

In addition to the design of the ads, we also focused on building audiences that targeted Facebook users with specific interests in house hunting. Creating this audience allowed us to utilise the power of the Facebook Pixel and retarget ads towards any lost potential leads as well as build a lookalike audience of people who had clicked through to the site for use in future campaigns.

The Results

The campaign produced stellar results in both reach and landing page views, giving us great insight into B.C. real estate advertising. Through careful targeting and engaging copy, we achieved a positive trend month-over-month in the number of landing page views between November 2021 and January 2022. The main objective of generating landing page views saw an increase of 189% between November and January. The click-through rate increased from 1.23% to 1.77% and the number of impressions also increased by a substantial 165%.

Graphic showing key campaign results