Many business owners want to be able to predict the future to plan their marketing strategies better. To help fill this gap, Pinterest analyses its platform and releases its predictions for the coming year. 2023 marks the ninth year for Pinterest Predicts, and in the past three years, the platform predicted trends with an 80% accuracy rate.

According to Insider Intelligence’s report, as of September 2022, Pinterest is the most trusted platform in the United States. Pinterest prides itself on being a positive and welcoming space, where users go to plan for the future, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, a home renovation or a dinner idea. As Pinterest puts it, users are on a journey from an idea to “I did,” from inspiration to realization. Therefore, Pinterest is in a unique position to predict what’s about to trend based on search queries and the type of content their users are looking for.

In 2023, Pinterest identified 27 emerging trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising ones. We hope it helps you get ahead of your competition and plan your content calendar more strategically.

Airy Styles

Searches for “shimmery dress” and “ruffle shirt men” terms have increased by 365% and 95%, respectively. 2023 fashion will be filled with lace, ruffles, shimmer and tulle. Gen Z and Millenials are the driving force behind this trend.

As a home decor brand or store, you can look into incorporating creative assets with light and airy items such as shimmery vases or tulle pillows.

Vitamin Seaweed

Every year, people on social media praise the benefits of trending superfoods. We’ve all observed the popularity of açai bowls, chia seeds, turmeric, kimchi and hemp seeds in the past few years. According to Pinterest’s data, the hottest superfoods in 2023 will be from the sea, with everything from green algae and nori to seaweed snacks trending among Millennials and Gen Xers. Searches for “seaweed snacks recipes” have increased by 245%.

As a health and nutrition store, you can focus on promoting the superfoods you have in stock and concentrate on algae, chlorophyll, nori and seaweed snacks. You can also educate your audiences via entertaining video content on how to implement these superfoods into their diet.

Rust Married

“Burnt orange wedding theme” and “orange dress outfit wedding” searches have increased by 695% and 285%, respectively. Expect to see terracotta, sienna and copper hues if you’re attending a wedding in 2023. Millennials and Gen X users are interested in burnt-orange flower arrangements and bridesmaid dresses.

If you’re a caterer or an event planner, you can jump on this trend and incorporate these terracotta colours into your content strategy. A carrot wedding cake, anyone?

Hipstoric Home

Users often turn to Pinterest when looking for home decor inspiration, and 2023 is no exception. Search queries like “eclectic interior design vintage” and “antique room aesthetic” have increased by 850% and 325%. Baby Boomers and Gen X users are behind this trend.

As an antique or thrift store, you can share tips and tricks on how to style unique home decor pieces with modern furniture.

Date Different

Gen Zers are looking for ways to spruce up their dating experiences, which has made experiential dates a new trend. Searches for “aquarium date,” “date picnic ideas” and “museum dates” have increased by 235%, 385% and 70%, respectively.

As a museum, art gallery or bookstore, plan a few events for first dates throughout the year. Promoting them on social media and running an advertising campaign targeting Gen Z users interested in shaking up their personal lives can help you reach the right audience.

Good on Paper

Paper crafts are coming back, with Baby Boomers and Gen Z turning to origami and paper art for a digital detox. Searches for “how to make paper rings” and “paper animal” have increased by 1725% and 385%.

If you offer extracurricular activities and classes, think about ways to add origami or paper art classes to your schedule. You can reach new audiences to fill the courses via a targeted ad campaign on Pinterest.

The Fourth Trimester

People are increasingly referring to Pinterest for their postpartum needs, with Millennials searching for everything from postpartum essentials and meals to gifts. Searches for “postpartum basket” and “postpartum gift” have grown by 135% and 140%.

As a maternity or a baby store, you can share educational content in video format to reach a wider audience. For example, share the top 10 items babies or parents need in the first month of their baby’s life, or five gift ideas for new parents.

These were the top seven trends that stood out to us. If you’re interested in learning about the remaining 20 trends, you can find the full list here.

If any of these trends caught your eye and you’re interested in integrating new strategies into your social media content and ads, but you need help figuring out where to start, our team of social media experts is just a click away.