Video has fast become one of the most impactful ways for brands to connect with audiences across the digital landscape. When users today view a global average of 84 minutes of video content per day it’s easy to understand why.

With 46% of people saying they would seek more information after watching a branded video, the visual medium has become a powerhouse tool in achieving business objectives too. This is only confirmed by recent research that shows 71% of marketers would say that video outperforms all other content when looking at conversion rates.

The beauty of video lies in its ability to connect with viewers on a deeper level than that of a single image. With video, businesses are able to more easily craft stories that highlight product details or demonstrate product uses, increasing awareness of or loyalty towards a brand. This is evidenced by a recent study on the biggest social media platform Facebook where 59% of marketers say video drives more engagement.

Aside from using video to increase reach and engagement it can also be used to expand audiences. When running paid advertising campaigns or posting organic content on Facebook that features a video you are able to build a custom audience of the video viewers. With this custom audience of video viewers you can create ad sets to retarget ads towards people who have engaged with your videos, keeping the brand in the forefront of their minds. It is also possible to create a lookalike audience of these video viewers to greatly extend the reach of your advertising budget. 


Pro Tip: When building a custom audience based on video views you can select the level of engagement the people you want included have had with your videos. This helps to further qualify the audience and ensure that campaign results are in line with campaign objectives.


In 2021, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri declared the company, “no longer just a square photo-sharing app” in a video outlining new and new Instagram video features. Following this, many companies began dedicating more marketing budget to the production and use of video in their digital content mix.

Knowing this move to focus more on video was incoming, we pivoted to include more video content in advertising campaigns for our clients and saw first hand how utilising video ads can help to increase impressions and conversions. For one client, incorporating video into the content strategy resulted in video ads accounting for 55% of the campaign’s impressions and an astounding 450% increase in landing page views.


As video content seems set to continue dominating social media we have put together 5 fantastic tips to keep your upcoming ad campaigns:

Use user-generated content 

79% of people say that user generated content impacts their purchasing decisions. Gaining the correct permissions and then repurposing user generated content in ad campaigns is a great way to not only engage with customers but also demonstrate product uses or results.

Don’t forget the captions

Captioned videos generate 40% more video views than those without. With so many views coming from devices that typically tend to have sound turned off, including captions in video ads is imperative to maintain a high standard of ad quality.

Get educational

68% of customers prefer to watch videos that educate them on new products or services. Demonstrating how to use a product or highlighting its benefits becomes a useful engagement tool when combined with video ads.


Utilizing previous video content to produce reels or shorts can be an effective way to extend the life of organic video content. However, these newly produced shorter videos can be helpful ways to build audiences and increase brand awareness in video campaigns.


E-commerce tools now make it possible for videos to be tagged with the products they feature. Tagging these products in video ads then allows for users to quickly learn more about a product and make a purchase. 


All said and done, it looks like video content is here to stay. At Glacier Media Digital we have already been making video a larger part of our content mix and look forward to upcoming changes that will allow us to make even more use of video content for our clients.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can create impactful video advertising strategy for you and your business.