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The social media landscape is ever-evolving, and that’s been truer than ever over the past few years. And all the while, GMD has been constantly monitoring, analyzing and strategizing to provide our clients with best-in-class social media services. 

As a reflection of this changing landscape, we’re excited to share some major changes as part of our 2023 social media product offerings. These packages have been developed exclusively with clients in mind—your business goals are our goals, too.



First up, of course, is short-form video content (i.e., Reels and TikToks). We focused on making this accessible to businesses of all sizes and at an approachable price point.


Short-form video content is included for all our Social Pro clients—from one per month to a full-on video-only strategy. Editing, optimizing, posting and monitoring are covered.


Video is taking over, in a larger sense, with TikTok continuing to dominate as the most engaging online entertainment hub, but also within traditionally image-driven platforms (looking at you, Instagram). 

Since the launch of Reels in 2020, static-content engagement has been on a steady decline—currently at about a 44% decrease. Reels, on the other hand, receive an average of 10 times more engagement than their static counterparts. The numbers are clear: Video is the best way to reach organic audiences on Instagram.



It’s still going strong, and audiences are far more widespread than just Gen Z-ers.


TikTok content, management and advertising are now available as a set package within our Social Pro tier. On-site content capturing is available as an add-on.


TikTok is now among the top 5 most-used social media apps in Canada, with 8.2 million Canadian users in 2022. The fastest-growing segment of Canadians using the platform is those aged 24-34. 

TikTok is not going to be the right fit for every brand or business, but the opportunity for brand building is undeniable… and it’s a lot of fun.


Social Media Advertising

Paid social remains very much a player, but the game has changed. Our expert ad strategists behind these campaigns are more important than ever to their success, and Meta now has some competition.


There are now more platform options to advertise on, including Meta (Facebook/Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok—all with higher ad-spend caps. As always, we manage campaigns from strategy through to post-campaign reporting and ensure that ad spend is best allocated to help reach business objectives. 


Many factors determine the cost of social ads, including industry, ad objective and seasonality, but it’s generally because CPC increased through the pandemic and never looked back.

We’ve beefed up our ad packages to unlock more platform options and higher ad-spend maximums, which set campaigns up for success and help reach business goals.



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