The holiday season is coming up and everyone has a wish list, including team GMD. We asked folks at the office what gifts they’d like to receive from Santa this year.


Kate: iPhone 14 Pro 

Full of new features and upgrades, it’s sure to help me stay connected—and get things done! Plus, its 48MP camera will let me take stunning photos on the go and practice my video skills. 


David: Robosen Optimus Prime

Imagine a fully automatic transforming Optimus Prime. It brings back the nostalgia of early Saturday morning cartoons with some of the most recent movies (let’s be honest–only the first one was any good) and you have the Robosen 16” Elite Optimus with voice and app activation, 27 precision servo motors, original sounds and actions and custom programmable!


Sam: Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are always on my wish list because they’re always beyond my budget. But these ones in particular, actually adjust to your wearing conditions and environment. Music just becomes fresh and new when you’re able to hear every detail of a song composition.


Toby: Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector

As people are returning to the office, it’s a nice way to bring digital assets anywhere in real life. Bring it to the client office for instant presentation, replace old monitors in the boardroom or have a movie day. It can also be used for small events or in case any office AV stopped working after not being used for years. 


Pablo: PlayStation 5

If 2020 left me a lesson, it would be having a proper video game console to carry me through the tough times. The PS5 can display 8K UHD and peak at 10.3 TFLOPS. If that is not enough for my fellow geeks to salivate, having access to a huge heritage collection of PS3 and PS4 games should do the trick for you.


Maria: Vertical Laptop Stand

If you’re like me, it means your desk is up to the brim with knick knacks, candy wrappers and coffee mugs by the end of the day. A vertical laptop stand can help keep your desk organized saving space on your desk for that much needed third (or fourth) cup of coffee of the day.


Rachel: New York Times Digital Subscription 

Their Instagram Stories have me hooked. I’m constantly tapping the article links only to be blocked by the pesky paygate. Worth the $2 per month based on the What to Cook This Week column alone


Troy: – 

The holidays are a special time, and presents are just one of the many things we excitedly anticipate all year. Still, it’s the coming together, spending time with those we care for most, and being present in the moment that truly makes it the most wonderful time of the year – and isn’t that the best gift of all? 


Mahsa: iPad Pro

This is on my wish list and this item is one I’d like to have. It works well for creating digital artwork. It is lightweight and portable yet big enough to create art. Then I can use it as a secondary screen for my MacBook, transferring illustrations or digital drawings to use in my projects.


Toby: Ninja Air Frier

Everybody loves deep fried food but not the amount of calories that come with all the tasty food. This Air Frier lets you enjoy guilt-free french fries, chicken strips and pork katsu. I have tried using the oven to achieve the same guilt-free deep fried food, but cleaning the large oven after making a small portion was no fun. This Ninja Air Frier can hide in the corner of your kitchen and the best thing about this product is that this is dishwasher safe!


Neeta: Peloton

My New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to get back into shape and I think it would be a lot easier with a Peloton Bike. It would give me the flexibility I need and I heard the instructors are great. 



If someone wants to tell Santa that I’d like a Remarkable notepad, I’d appreciate it.

I’d also make sure I stayed on the nice list for this typewriter Lego set or this typewriter keyboard for the iPad.


Laura: Modern Stoicism books box set

I’m currently reading  “The Obstacle is The Way” by Ryan Holiday and it’s so good that I want more of it! He has written several books and I’d like to read them all.