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How Brand Standards Benefit Businesses

In this current landscape of social media and online marketing, it has become increasingly important for businesses and organizations to present their brand messaging concisely. This isn’t simply where to use which logo or what fonts to place where, but how a brand tells its story and communicates with its audience visually. To communicate consistently and effectively, organizations must establish a robust Brand Standards document to articulate how the visual brand identity will be visually translated across all media as well as their communication style.

Some brands are so synonymous that we could recognize them even if the logo was only partially visible. McDonald’s, Nike, and Coca-Cola are great examples of brands that use Brand Standards Guidelines so effectively that virtually everyone in the world knows who they are and could discern their advertising or products with only a passing glimpse. So should your Brand Standards Guidelines be as comprehensive as these corporations? Well maybe not, but having a concise Brand Standard Guideline will help define your brand and guide how to present it.

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Examples of Coke Zero Brand Guidelines. Image source:

Benefits of having a comprehensive Brand Standards Guide.

  1. Maintains Personality
    As brands grow and become established, Brand Standards Guides help maintain the brand’s identity by providing a roadmap for how the aesthetic and voice will evolve and mature while maintaining the initial ideals that attracted audiences initially.
  2. Provides Clarity
    When team members change or outside vendors are contracted they will have a clear understanding of how to develop new design collateral, radio ads, or video content that will align with the original brand messaging and aesthetic by having a Brand Standards Guide to reference.
  3. Improved Recognition
    Probably the most important of all: countless brands are vying for customer attention through social media, print ads, and online. How do you stand out? Your brand needs to be easily recognizable and memorable. If your brand isn’t consistent your audience may mistake your content for someone else’s, move on and become loyal to another brand.

It’s never too late to build Brand Standards Guidelines. 

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