2020 is upon us and the GMD Dev team have put our heads together to identify the big trends in Web Development that we will be watching this coming year.

Higher dependency on cloud-based web services like AWS

Amazon Web Services has been a big part of the web hosting mix for several years now but we see more and more projects that are suited to this environment. While hosting services such as WP Engine and GoDaddy are tried and true vendors in the web hosting world, AWS offers a very flexible hosting environment suited to complex projects or sites that have users from across the globe.

Minimalism, Micro-interaction, Glitch art

Minimalism has been trending for several years now. In 2020, we expect micro-interactions to become a bigger part of many sites especially as they ditch underperforming, flashy features in favour of minimalistic websites. Micro-interactions are also seeing an increase in usage across website designs to provide unique and highly usable customer experiences. SS Glitch Art is coinciding with micro-interactions as companies explore new ways to make simple elements on their site unique.

WordPress API/JS Frameworks, Data Visualization, Tailored Content

Over the past several years, the “headless” CMS trend has been in full swing. Moving into 2020 we expect to see more and more sites that simply use the WordPress CMS to store data that is served up by a front end javascript library like React or Angular.


GDPR compliance is now a legal requirement for all businesses that interact with users in the EU. Increasingly customers expect their sites to be fully GDPR-compliant, so should they choose to do business in the EU their site is already compliant with GDPR requirements.