As we are nearing the end of 2018, let’s take a few moments to reflect on some of our own key marketing trends. Below are 3 up-and-coming trends that we’ve seen throughout our year of campaigns at Glacier Media Digital.

1. More Mobile

The mobile-first approach is not a new concept, but we’ve seen consistent strides in mobile activity across our campaigns. Mobile impressions of our programmatic ads have increased consistently in the last 3 years, while the demands for our social media marketing services, which are intrinsically mobile-optimized, have exploded this year.

This is not a surprise as the industry has been expecting Millennials to eventually become the fastest growing demographic in North America for some time now. Mobile use across this generation increases steadily year-over-year so it is more important than ever to invest in mobile-first marketing strategies.

2. First came geo-targeting, then came geo-fencing.

Geo-fence targeting (a.k.a. geo-fencing) for programmatic campaigns has been one of our most exciting and most proliferated marketing tactics this year. I’ll spare you the rant and send you over to a much more entertaining explainer video: A Decent Proposal: Love and Geo-Fencing.

One thing we love about this tactic is that it 1) unlocks new strategic targeting opportunities and 2) requires clear intent for creating these virtual perimeters. Strategy and intent: two things we love. Have you tried geo-fencing with your programmatic campaigns yet?

3. Connecting micro moments across devices.

We have been seeing more and more integrated campaign projects landing on our desks. This could be a sign that the bar has been raised across the board.

Integrated digital campaigns have traditionally been daunting, demanding, and too complex for independent businesses and their busy operators to wrap their heads around. Fortunately, with the launch of our Stars marketplace program, we’re able to provide a great introductory experience of an integrated digital campaign. For experienced marketers, it’s still a unique market-positioning opportunity.

[Curious about our Stars marketplace program? Get in touch for a free consultation.]

Ultimately, the unifying goal of these trends is to serve micro moments whenever and wherever your customers are on their device of choice. We’re less than 6 weeks away from wrapping up 2018 and these trends show no sign of slowing down. Which ones make sense for your business?