When it comes to your summer ad campaigns, now is the time to be thinking about it and putting a messaging plan into action. To spark your creativity, we’ve compiled some inspirational summer advertising campaigns that are fun and clever.

  1. Fresh All Summer

    The Calgary Farmers’ Market
    While the headline “Fresh All Summer” is straightforward, the campaign’s art direction is cute and memorable. Pieces of fruit skins were playfully sculpted away to create adorable visual metaphors of bathing suits. How fun!

    Source: https://www.alessandracolucci.com/en/2016/07/27/have-a-fresh-summer-advertising-campaign/

  2. A Taste of Summer

    McDonald’s (Portugal)
    What does summer in Portugal taste like? Part of it must involve a McFlurry and other sprinkles of beach fun. For this campaign, McDonald’s used the familiar soft serve swoosh as a metaphor for the beach as little beach figurines relaxed or swam around the cup. Doesn’t McFlurry make you think of summer now?

    Source: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/mcdonalds_island


    Christian Louboutin
    Inspired by Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, photographer Peter Lippmann collaborated with Christian Louboutin on a portfolio of creative imagery, pairing the brand’s new collection of shoes with matching still life vignettes. Done in the style of said famous artists, this visual concept elevates the product as fine art. No headlines (on the artwork) necessary.

    Source: https://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/news/en_the-spring-summer-2014-collection/

  4. Hot Drive

    JMS Auto Parts
    This clever brand produced a commercial to promote its products designed to fight the summer heat. To jog your memory of that unpleasant summer heat, they comically depict two chefs resourcefully turning their car into a kitchen using its many car parts. Window mechanisms are used to slice and glove compartment to bake etc. At the end, the commercial reminds us, “It’s hot inside the car during summer. Let’s take a cool drive with JMS.”

    Source: https://www.luerzersarchive.com/en/magazine/commercial-detail/jms-auto-parts-65465.html

  5. Summer Fever

    Personal Paraguay
    This campaign aims to create public awareness for eliminating breeding places for mosquitos in order to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne fevers. By illustrating common items filled with still water as a mosquito’s playground, it also helps viewers identify the common items that they should be mindful about emptying after a rainfall.

    Source: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/personal_summer_fever_2

  6. The Sand Ad

    This new Volkswagen brand activation targeted the coastal area of Argentina, the cities of Pinamar and Carilo during its busiest season. They simply drove their new 4×4 pickup across the beaches. The wheels they used had the brand logo carved into the tire so there were imprints everywhere up and down the beach. Talk about a clever way to build brand awareness at a low cost.

    Source: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/volkswagen_the_sand_ad

  7. The Alphabet of Summer

    The famed Brazilian flip-flop sandals brand launched a vibrant campaign that promotes Brazilian culture with beautifully illustrated alphabet letters. The combinations are endless and allow brand followers the opportunity to build their own words to celebrate their cultural pride. This is a fantastic example of how a marketer can integrate art and culture into a brand campaign. Watch the case study and be prepared to fall in love with Brazil.


    Source: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/design/havaianas_the_alphabet_of_summer