Eyesight International (ESI) is a registered Canadian charity, founded by the late Dr. Paul Dubord. ESI provides hope and vision to the curable corneal blind in lower- and middle-income countries. They are the only charity in the world that focuses exclusively on corneal transplantation and eye banking. GMD is honoured to have been commissioned by Eyesight International to revamp their website from the ground up and modernize the branding.


A Brand New Vision (and Branding)

The first thing the team at GMD worked on is to update Eyesight International’s logo for a responsive digital experience while keeping the essence and spirit of their old logo. To achieve this, the designers intersected two eye shapes set on different axes to represent ESI’s work on a human level, providing a 360-degree view of the world when one’s vision has been restored, paying homage to a truly life-changing experience.


The GMD team also used a contrast of colours between black, representing the darkness of being blind, and saffron yellow, representing light and a restored vision. These colours are used throughout the website, complementing with the modern typography handpicked by GMD designers that focuses on a clean look and feel and legibility – aspects that are closely intertwined with the charity’s vision and mission.

Opening New Frontiers with a Contemporary Website

In addition to a brand refresh with new logos and colours, the team at GMD added a new function that enabled Eyesight International to, for the first time ever, accept donations from people of all walks of life directly on their website. This allowed the charity to diversify their donation sources with relative ease and minimal costs. The GMD team integrated a payment gateway that offered a cost-effective solution for Eyesight International.


To keep ESI’s website fresh and up to date, our developers implemented an easy-to-use content management system that enabled the team at Eyesight International to make regular edits and update blog posts without any coding knowledge. Regular updates to the website are critical in keeping the website running seamlessly as well as improving the search ranking of the site.

Dr Paul’s work is not yet done. We are thrilled to continue working closely with Eyesight International to develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan to expand the reach of the charity’s mission, while at the same time creating new opportunities.

About Dr. Paul Dubord

Dr. Dubord was a renowned corneal surgeon, an active member of the Ophthalmology community and a world leader in international eye banking and corneal transplantation. He worked tirelessly in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Africa, South America, Europe and especially in India to improve access to quality corneal transplants.

Dr. Paul was a Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Department of Ophthalmology and was a board member of the Branch of International Surgery at UBC. He was active in the Eye Bank Association of America where he held various leadership positions, including service on its medical advisory board since 1992. He also worked on expert panels of the Canadian Standards Association and of the World Health Organization to develop standards for tissue transplantation.

In 1994, Dr. Paul founded the registered charity Eyesight International which has worked internationally to improve corneal transplantation and has had a long and productive relationship with the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India training hundreds of fellows and helping thousands of people. For his contributions to ophthalmology and for his tireless humanitarian work on the international stage, notably in India, Paul was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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