Here at Glacier Media, our internal agency ecosystem is made up of 150+ folks.

It’s time for another edition of Team GMD Q&A. It’s kind of like Vogue’s 73 Questions. Instead, it’s in blog form and there are less than 10 questions—because you’re busy and we respect your time.

This week we are featuring Toby Haraguchi, our newest Digital Coordinator. Toby fell in love with the world of advertising in his home city of Tokyo. He has lived and worked all around the globe, including Taiwan, Sydney and Toronto. When he’s not busy keeping digital campaigns on track, you’ll find Toby kicking butt in ping pong, singing karaoke, or teaching English. Read on to learn more about Toby! 

Shinjuku ad boards in Tokyo. Photo by Toby.

In a short paragraph, tell us a little bit about your role at GMD. What do you do on a daily basis: 

As a Digital Coordinator, I assist the sales team with proposals and moving projects forward in every possible way. Making sure the team’s talents are reflected in campaigns efficiently while making sure client’s requirements are met on schedule and on budget. And create reports to inform overall campaign success.

Describe yourself in three words.

Ping Pong Master.

Personal kryptonite:


Hidden talent:

Table tennis coaching (I have a hidden agenda to play table tennis with everyone in the office).


Ping Pong! Karaoke!

A cause/causes you are passionate about:

LGBTQ rights in Asia.

Do you have a Side-hustle?

English Learning Coaching to Japanese people (visit his website here). 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

You can’t change the people. You can only change how you approach people. 

Are you currently binge watching something?

Modern Family, The Office, How I met your mother, Superstore and any anime. 

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be and why?

Playing ukulele so I can do karaoke anywhere! 

Connect with Toby on LinkedIn.