Have you ever heard that luck happens when preparedness and opportunity meet? At GMD, we’re looking to create our own luck by being better prepared for the next opportunity.

We’ve long been using Tag Manager, but we’re levelling up our collective knowledge by group learning of the advanced applications of the Google marketing platform. We’ve created a digital learning club. This is a voluntary participation in certifications, studies and professional development with small group discussion to cross train one another, discuss what we’re learning, reinforce new concepts, and brainstorm ideas about how we can augment our existing efforts in digital. 

Our team culture has us accountable to each other in our project work. Literally every day we support each other’s efforts and celebrate achievements and milestones. Learning club is a linear extension of this team spirit, lifting each other up as we reach higher.

In addition to having a current goal on our to-do list, we all have something else in common. As individuals, we are lifelong learners with a natural curiosity. It’s this drive that keeps us moving forward and challenging each other to strive to be better. 

As we learn, we grow. And growth can happen through a multitude of experiences, be it what you read, what you do, who you meet. In addition to voluntary initiatives like Learning Club, our team prioritizes volunteering together and look forward to doing more as the community continues to re-open. Through the learning process, we meet new people and discover new opportunities along the way.