Social media #FOMO? Get in the game!

Here is the breakdown of our three tiers of social media management services, plus client examples #IRL (because seeing is believing).

Basic Package

Just as #Basic might suggest, there are no bells or whistles here. This social media management package will keep social channels active to help build trust when a potential customer searches for that Facebook or Twitter presence.

What’s included:

  • 20 posts per month 
  • Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Minor content edits


Industry based: 

  • Hours of operation
  • Third party links

Client example

Arctic Meats:



#ICYMI brand consistency builds trust, and that’s the name of the (Social Standard) game. Standard content is tailored to business goals and objectives through curated posts that reflect brand voice in both the visual and written components. 

Some additional perks that level-up Standard from Basic include UTM-tracked links, possibility to tag other businesses in posts (partners, collaborators, you get the idea) and more flexibility in copywriting (pun-tastic is absolutely an option).

What’s included every month

  • 20 posts
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & optional Pinterest publishing
  • 2 custom branded graphics
  • 1 round of content revisions
  • Report 


Elevated industry based & lifestyle: 

  • About the business (unique selling proposition)
  • Products/services/promotions
  • Industry trends
  • Timely topics/events (holidays, seasonal, etc.)
  • Community involvement 

Client example

Buy Alberta Land:



Social Pro #FTW—this package is by far the most comprehensive and includes the most opportunities for integrated campaigns and fun, engaging content. All of the components of this package are purposefully designed to deliver a premium level of service that is still accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What’s included every month

  • 30 posts
  • Facebook, Instagram, Stories, LinkedIn Company, Twitter and Pinterest
  • 2 graphics + 1 story
  • Social Ads Plus
  • 90-minute onboarding call
  • Social media strategy document 
  • Community management 
  • Integrated report 
  • Direct strategist communication


Fully custom, some possibilities and examples:

  • About the business (unique selling proposition)
  • Products/services/promotions
  • Industry trends and expertise 
  • Timely topics/events (holidays, seasonal, etc.)
  • Community involvement 
  • Meet the team employee features
  • Tips, tricks and how-tos
  • Polls and Q+A
  • Platform specific mini-campaigns 
  • Employment opportunities 

Client example

California Closets Vancouver:


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