LIVE WELL is a prescribed exercise clinic specializing in supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching. Starting with a thorough functional and cardio-respiratory assessment, a customized exercise program is tailored to customer health needs and goals.

From eating habits and nutrition to lifestyle coaching, medical consultation, habit formation, and goal-setting for weight loss, reduced cholesterol or lower blood pressure, all workouts and nutrition goals are customized for specific health issues.

Two LIVE WELL franchises wanted to increase awareness and signups for their locations. They asked Glacier Media Digital how to send traffic and get new customers.

GMD recommended a premium sponsored content campaign to tell the story of how LIVE WELL is different from the gym. Many people have health issues that require lifestyle changes but don’t know where to start or the idea of the gym is intimidating. By showing actual client photos and sharing their stories through interview-format testimonials, we were able to communicate why LIVE WELL is a great place to get guidance and develop new fitness and nutrition habits.

The story appeared on the front page of the New West Record and Tri-City News sites and in print. The stories are evergreen content in-section on the two sites and community display impressions and social media boosts drove traffic to the stories. Each story has a link to a UTM tracked landing page with sign up for the two locations. The success of this campaign led to other franchises wanting to be featured in Glacier Media publication in their area.

The Results:

New West: 1220 of 500 minimum reads
Tri-City News 1596 of 500 minimum reads
25 attributed new customer signups on one-year contracts at $200 per month

Products: Premium Sponsored Content, Community Display, Print Ads, Social Media Boosts