Ta-daaaaa (drum roll please) it’s the new discovery form right here.

Today we are rolling out a much anticipated and requested update of the way orders are processed. All forms have now been combined into one master form. This will save you time filling out the discovery brief, especially for sales that require multiple forms to be filled out.

Here is some of the thought that went into the user interface. We were previously using a system called Typeform.  The challenge we had was programming a form to have some smart logic – we wanted the ability to change the shown questions depending on the questions that were asked.

Example A:

Do you like Dogs or Cats?

  • Dogs
  • Cats

If you selected Dogs, we wanted to be able to show you a different set of questions than if you selected Cats (as a side note dogs are far superior to cats).

This part wasn’t too complicated but where the system started to break down is when we wanted to ask additional conditional related questions within an already logic related question.

Example B:

Pick your favourite pets –

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Skunks
  • Wolverine

Our ability to ask a unique set of questions depending on the answers given in a question failed with our previous software. This meant we needed to find another solution. We did extensive research (i.e., I Googled “conditional logic forms”) and tested a few different providers. In the end, the solution we picked had a few extremely powerful benefits.

Benefit 1. It allows for the conditional logic jumps we need AND allows for logic within logic scenarios.
Benefit 2. It allows us to easily export completed forms in PDF.
Benefit 3. It is relatively easy to use.

Did you know the form also works on your smartphone or tablet? Give it a try. You no longer need to head back to the office to fill out the form – you can do it in your car between appointments!

Next step was to export all the existing forms to the new form, which also allowed us to look at the current iteration of the forms and see if there were tweaks/edits/updates we could make to improve the form. These are still very much a work in progress but we can now action form updates almost in real time.

Finally, we wanted to beta test the new forms with our own internal operations team and the digital coordinators to work out any early kinks in the systems.

This has been very much a team effort and we look forward to hearing and auctioning your feedback on how we can further improve this process.

Happy selling and have fun spending less time filling out the order brief.