Before we jump in to answer the question, let’s talk about what eCommerce is and how businesses are currently using it.

An abbreviation for electronic commerce and sometimes shortened further to be referred to as e-comm, eCommerce is exactly what it sounds like—the selling and purchasing of products and services on secure platforms online, with seamless transfers of money and data. Outside of the business world, we call it online shopping, and this includes physical products but also describes commercial dealings that can be fulfilled on the Internet.

Let’s dig deeper. From ordering lunch to groceries and even buying a new couch online—COVID-19 has shown us that eCommerce can be used to fulfill a variety of transactions safely. Even if you didn’t prefer to shop virtually before, the safety concerns surrounding the pandemic made it essential that you do so. And now, as things slowly re-open, most of us have become accustomed to shopping online. It is convenient, you can browse whenever you want and order from anywhere in the world.

Consumer behaviours have shifted forever.

As we re-enter our localities and approach a new normal, businesses that haven’t set up their stores on eCommerce platforms should consider making the investment in this branch of their business. The traffic online has more than doubled and it continues to rise. There is an opportunity to build stronger bonds with existing consumers and opening the doors to new revenue opportunities, including the reach to new audiences that may otherwise never discover the business’s physical location. The initial cost of setting up a business online pays off in the long run because running a store virtually also cuts costs in many other parts of the company.

How eCommerce is used can vary, but the benefits it provides to both consumers and merchants are hard to sidestep.

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