Here at Glacier Media, our internal agency ecosystem is made up of 150+ folks.

It’s time for another edition of Team GMD Q&A. It’s kind of like Vogue’s 73 Questions. Instead, it’s in blog form and there are less than 10 questions – because you’re busy and we respect your time.

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Eugene Mo, our digital project jack-of-all-trades. Eugene is a proud cat dad, Seinfeld enthusiast, and possibly has the cleanest desk in the GMD office…read on to find out more about Eugene!

In a short paragraph, tell us a little bit about your role at GMD. What do you do on a daily basis:

I manage client and internal projects, hopefully making the lives of my colleagues a bit easier.

Personal kryptonite:

Mess and germs.

Hidden talent:

Wouldn’t say it’s a talent per se but I can tell (with some degree of accuracy) the airline, manufacturer and model of a plane flying overhead without my phone.


Spending as much time as possible outdoors when there’s sun (sadly a somewhat rarity in Vancouver, especially in winter)

1 tip for managing multiple projects:

I personally make use of a lot of to do lists to keep myself on top of multiple, concurrent projects.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be and why?

Play tennis like Roger Federer. I love travelling and tennis, so if I’m able to compete on the world tour, it will be combining two things I like together. 

Last thing you binge-watched?


What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited and why?

Tokyo for their food, hospitality, culture and organised chaos.

Your next travel destination?

Most probably Los Angeles for Coldplay.

The best piece of advice you have ever received?

Control the controllables and move on with the uncontrollables.