I have some great news to share with you. Beyond the obvious (i.e., 2020 is almost over, vaccines are being approved and distributed), we have collectively learned some important lessons this year. The one I am focussing on right now is the significance of supporting our friends, family and neighbours by shopping local (scroll down for a few local, Vancouver-area businesses).

In March, when many stores and public places were forced to close their doors, small businesses run by the members of our communities were among the hardest hit. While the general population continued to make purchases and spend money, much of that ended up in the pocket of a certain well-known online retailer (that will remain nameless). But the truth is that with the help of ecommerce and alternative payment methods, like etransfer and Paypal, we can spread the wealth and help local businesses thrive!

The Glacier team has put together a short list of local businesses and entrepreneurs that have some incredible offerings. Whether you are gifting to a friend or treating yourself, these sites have a ton of amazing products!

The Shop Local List

  • Laura – “Anything from East Van Bees. They’re local, and all of their products are great! The real value is that they place and tend beehives throughout East and South Vancouver so it’s a wonderful cause to support as well.”
  • Robert – “A book from Massy Books. I always like to drop in whenever I’m in Chinatown. They also have an online shop if you can’t physically visit.”
  • Tyler – “Lots of us love reading horoscopes but sometimes they are a bit too specific to be any of use. Vancouver artist Ryan Walter Wagner has saved us the trouble by creating redacted versions of horoscopes that boil them down to one simple message for each sign. His Hidden Horoscopes are now available on a variety of products including tote bags, calendars, coffee mugs and many other gift worthy goods.”
  • Mamio – “Garden Health Vitamins West end community health and wellness store, they have friendly knowledgeable staff.”
  • Tanya – “Caitlin Price Ceramics; a local ceramics artist. She has some pretty cool cups/sculptures. She has more pieces showcased on her instagram.”
  • Farah – “MacLeod’s Books – one of the oldest and (in my opinion) best indie bookstores in Vancouver. The owner is lovely and very knowledgeable if you need a recommendation. Treasure trove of rare/special editions if you like collecting or you’re buying a gift for the book dragon in your life. It’s just a really happy, relaxing place to visit if you enjoy digging through piles of books and like bookstores that aren’t curated.”
  • Andrew – “Audiopile – My fav independent record store in Vancouver. I always get music for my friends’ birthdays and xmas (easiest for me to think of something they’d like) and Audiopile has always been the go-to. Great used prices and unpretentious environment – which can be a lot to ask for from a record store.”
  • Ian – “MAKE – Create your own custom mugs, shirts, masks, etc. My dog (Theodore Toast) basically has merch now.”