Here at Glacier Media, our internal agency ecosystem is made up of 150+ folks.

Another week, another Team GMD Q&A. It’s kind of like Vogue’s 73 Questions. Instead, it’s in blog form and there are less than 10 questions – because you’re busy and we respect your time.

This week on Team GMD, we are featuring Ian Smith, our Manager of Search and Ad Operations. Ian started working with the company over five years ago as an Online Ad Trafficker, then he advanced into a managerial role as a Digital Classifieds Manager. A couple of years ago, he moved to the GMD team as the SEO Product Manager, before switching positions again to be the Digital Operations Lead. In his own words, “My time in each of these roles has made my recent transition to Manager of Search and Ad Operations fairly smooth since I have direct experience with all the products that I oversee and am aware of the challenges and opportunities that the specialists encounter every day.”


Hidden talent: I can make you believe I removed your nose from your face when in fact it is still there.

Personal kryptonite: Rubidium

Morning rituals: Sun gazing, tea drinking, dog walking.

Favourite restaurant in Vancouver: Mary Brown’s, if we pretend that Chilliwack is in Vancouver.

Office habit: Oatmeal+banana+peanut butter+cashews

Two truths, one lie: I have a pancreas. I have a stomach. I have a liver.

Causes you are passionate about: Well, I adopted a catch basin last year (and named it Satched, so I spend about half my waking hours sitting next to the little guy making sure he doesn’t get clogged with leaves or empty chip bags.

Who inspires you: Anyone who spends way too much time on a personal project. And anyone who refuses to let themselves get bored. And anyone who can find the joke in everything. And anyone else.

One tip for working with the marketing team: Be open about what is needed, and make sure that everyone understands the big picture when it comes to successfully delivering on a project. Digital marketing evolves at such a fast pace that it’s also important to communicate freely in order to find gaps and develop better processes that allow us to get our jobs done with greater effectiveness.

One tip for working with the sales team: Provide details. Confirm details. Don’t leave any room for miscommunication. A phone call can be your friend and quickly clue up an email thread that’s getting a little out of hand.

One tip for working with the management team: Be direct. Don’t waste time or words. Like in this answer. (Asking questions in email subject lines is also pretty acceptable.)

How to stay organized at work: An intricate system of lists and browser tabs and window configurations that should not be emulated.

It’s 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, what are you doing: I’m stopping by Pho Goodness on my way home from a walk in Pacific Spirit Park. Pho tai with peanut sate.

Side-hustle: I write and write and then write a little more. Wait – is it still a hustle if you’re not trying to get paid?

One thing school taught you and one thing it didn’t: It taught me how to collaborate effectively and consider everyone’s different motivations in working towards a common goal. It didn’t teach me how to breakdance. I’m still trying to get a refund for that.

Favourite quote: This one from Ira Glass. Or anything that John Mulaney has said on a stage.

Favourite social media profile: