The internet is an enormous sharing environment. 

Recent developments in technology have provided tools that make us feel more connected. That same technology allows brands to constantly improve their digital marketing. However, if we look at this phenomenon through a sociological lens, the essence of good communication has not changed very much. 

At the end of the day, we are all storytellers and story listeners. What is actually changing is how we build and tighten the connection with specific audiences.

Here is where the big advantage of the web over traditional media lies: the magic of visual interaction. By using advanced design techniques and specific programming languages, websites are becoming a laboratory for immersive branding experiences.

Let’s see some practical examples of this theory.

#1 Adidas Chile 20: what a cool jacket.

In this example, some WebGL script- a javascript library that allows 3D rendering graphic on browser – was put to its finest use to showcase the launch of a Adidas Jacket that is full of personality. Besides its stunning design, the story of the product unfolds through mouse scroll, which emphasizes each feature as a new chapter. The audio soundtrack complements the visual atmosphere and makes the whole experience even more memorable.

#2 Esperanto Design: Connecting Designers Around the World.

Here, again, 3D animation controlled by mouse scroll brings life to a captivating timeline experience. Design, typography, motion and interactions blend harmoniously to visually narrate the concept of connecting artists around the world.

#3 Apple AirPod Pro: ok, I’m sold.

Love it or hate it, Apple is not only renowned for its stunning product design but also for the way it is able to translate product branding into digital experiences. In this example, a product video experience has been transformed into an interactive frame-by-frame sequence. It feels like you’re watching a great commercial video. However, there one key difference: the control is in the viewer’s hands–or more specifically–their computer mouse. 

Do you find these examples inspiring? With planning, resources and ever-accessible high-end technologies, examples like these will soon become standard experiences.