painPRO is a trusted healthcare provider in the Lower Mainland with six locations providing Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Kinesiology, Active Rehabilitation and Functional Fitness services.


Like many industries, healthcare has seasonality. For example, hospitals and clinics receive more patients requesting flu shots or antibiotics in the fall and winter months. painPRO sees the same seasonal fluctuation with bookings. There are some times when chiropractic bookings are lessened in some locations. Towards the end of the year, patients often want to take advantage of their insurance coverage. It is crucial for painPRO to target the right audience and locations, directing them to the clinic that has the capacity to intake patients at the right time.


Facebook Advertising allows the client to do just that. Facebook Ads Manager enables businesses to react to booking fluctuations by adjusting duration, location, targeting and budget anytime. For the month of April, painPRO wanted to get more people to complete a booking online. Read on to learn how we made a two-part funnel and generated 52 purchases in a month.


Services Selected

Facebook Advertising



Increase online booking for all services & all locations (modifiable across campaigns at any time)



To help achieve its goal, we set up a two-part funnel that encouraged conversion.

ToFu – a Traffic campaign with carousel ads promoting physio, chiro and RMT services.
This campaign had three ad sets:

  1. Primary Audience (interest & behaviour based)
  2. Retargeting (engaged users who had visited, engaged or seen painPRO’s website, Facebook page and Instagram page.)
  3. Lookalike Audience (the doppelgängers of the existing users from the Retargeting Ad Set with 99% similarities.)

BoFu – A Conversion campaign set to move the ToFu users to make bookings online. The 2 ad sets were:

  1. Facebook & Instagram Ad Engagement & its Lookalike audience (targeting only people who had interacted with the carousel ad or other organic content)
  2. Website Retargeting & its Lookalike audience (targeting users who had visited the website in the last 30 days)



  • 52 purchases with a $300 total ad spend
  • 590 landing page views
  • 41% CTR
  • $0.66 CPC


Since our campaign strategy and budget change month to month, it’s unfair to compare results between months. However, from this month’s results, we can conclude that with the help of custom conversion set up and Facebook pixels, we were able to narrow our audience and drive them towards our conversion goal. Our team at Glacier Media Digital helps you react to trends & develops marketing plans that work for your business. Get in touch with us to get more done today.