Summer is here, and with it, all of its glorious picnics, frolicking, and this year’s lineup of summer campaigns we are loving!

We took on the arduous and complicated task of overanalyzing the best summer campaigns for 2022. Here is a small list of the wittiest, funniest, and most creative summer 2022 campaigns. So, get your coconut tanning lotion and the biggest beach ball you can find while we break down these ads!


Visit Iceland – Outhorse Your Email

Answering emails while on vacation is as painful as sometimes necessary. “Nothing ruins a glacier hike like an email from your boss.” (their words, not mine). Thankfully, this campaign focused on increasing tourism to Iceland has found the perfect solution. “Horsing around” is the newest trend according to this campaign to be able to engage with your Icelandic vacation and leave your worries behind entirely.



Old Navy: Crowd-sourced content ideas

Old Navy hits us with a fun, colourful, and vibrant choreography based on what their social media followers thought would make “the most Old Navy dress commercial ever.”

And to be honest, they kind of nailed it to perfection! With an intelligent overlay of real followers’ comments describing precisely what is happening, Old Navy shows us what a simple idea and good execution can achieve.



Oreo Thins Protection Program

Enough is enough. Oreos supposedly meant to be shared. Supposedly. But let’s be real here, who actually shares their Oreos? If you include those voracious little creatures called “children” in the mix, there are very few ways to keep your Oreos safe. Luckily, this campaign has innovated in the art of keeping Oreos away from your toddlers. 



Only On Holiday | Walkers & Doritos

England is not famous for its blue skies and sandy beaches so it is safe to say that in order to experience a “real holiday” you might need to travel a bit further. Walker chips and Easyjet came together with this campaign promising to take you to a tropical paradise to show you what a real holiday is all about.



Airbnb campaign series

Airbnb pairs iconic music with relatable slideshows that tell memorable vacation stories that promote their unique categories.

They did this by inviting photographers to take trips with their family and friends, shoot photos of their stays, and send them back to Airbnb. They chose homes from across a range of our new categories, from castles, to homes with amazing pools, to the Arctic. We edited the photos together with familiar songs and the result captures the unique experience of travelling on Airbnb, made possible by these new categories.