Probably inspired by a true story, the above video demonstrates the power of hyper-targeted online advertising and how to translate real-world activity by potential consumers into a successful digital campaign.

Jordan needed to find an engagement ring, and although the first store she tried out was inadequate, her physical presence in that location led directly to finding exactly what she wanted at a different shop.

Using satellite technology, the Glacier Media Digital team had set up virtual geo-fences around different jewellery stores in the city, including the Five Diamonds. Whenever someone with a smartphone¹ enters any of these areas in real life, they are added to the geo-fencing segment, meaning they can be targeted with the King’s programmatic ads for the next month, on almost any website or mobile app they visit. This tactic ensures that their online ads will be only seen by people in their market, including Jordan, who have already shown a clear intent to purchase jewellery.

The Five Diamonds store was also included as a geo-fencing conversion zone. This meant that Glacier Media was able to present to its client the impact of the geo-fencing campaign on real foot traffic using a geo-lift report.

When explaining the benefits of programmatic advertising, always include a geo-fencing strategy that can be used to target high-quality customers, some of which might need the client’s products to take their relationships to the next level.

¹ “25.5 million people in Canada use smartphones – 70% of the population.” (Media in Canada, 2018)