When connecting with an audience, having strong creative is what compels users to continue to engage with the content they are being served. The most effective way to drive conversions is to touch on all facets of the sales funnel – brand awareness, engagement and conversion. Creative is what encourages people through the brand awareness and engagement phase to ultimately convert. Without a strong front-facing creative, opportunities for conversions are minimized. Glacier Media was recently approached by a company looking to launch a new product, and the creative vision and execution have garnered some incredible results.


Glass Vodka is a premium vodka that is distilled locally in the SODO area of Seattle. They pride themselves on distilling their vodka from grapes that originate from the Pacific Northwest to give it a “modern and personal distinction”.

People have been seeking healthier alternatives to beer and alcohol and as a result, many brands of vodka soda have launched across Canada and the United States. In BC, we have seen major successes from a few different vodka soda brands, namely Nude and Nutrl Vodka. Glass Vodka recognized this trend and contributed a vodka soda of their own. Introducing Glass Vodka Soda.

To support the launch of their new product, Glass Vodka approached Glacier Media to roll out a multi-pronged marketing campaign. To differentiate themselves from the saturated market, creative would be a major factor in the success of the launch.


Create awareness and support the launch of their new vodka soda.



Landing Page


Organic Social

Paid Social


To carry this out, the design team geared up on assets and played into the notes that the client provided. Glass Vodka Soda’s main tagline would be “clean. pure. real.” We wanted to ensure that the mission statement of the vodka soda stated that this product is the purest and most organic vodka soda on the market. The design team ran with this and ensured that simple, sleek look was consistent throughout all assets. The designers built the landing page in a funnel. The first image promotes brand awareness with the product name along with the branding that the design team created. Below that, the tagline “clean. pure. real.” is displayed with some satisfying background imagery and some engaging information about the product. Finally, below that, visitors have the opportunity to see what the prize is and enter to win. The landing page tells a story and encourages engagement throughout.

To create consistency, the same strategy and layout were applied to organic and paid social. Organic social has been pushing simple and sleek imagery while paid social has run a brand awareness campaign, traffic campaign and a conversion campaign.


The landing page was launched on July 29th in the form of a contest which ends on September 2nd. Below are some preliminary results from the first few weeks:

Landing Page

Conversion Rate: 87.82%

Social Ads

Conversion Rate: 82.88%

Organic Social

Conversion Rate: 68.72%

The high conversion rate is a clear implication of the strong creative built for this campaign. The consistency of photography and assets throughout their online media, as well as the landing page layout,  allows for a clean and simple process for entrants to enter into the contest and engage with the product.

Next Steps

The campaign has generated strong brand awareness for the product. Now that Glass Vodka has introduced the soda to its target market, the next step would be to put the product into the hands of the everyday user. Glacier Media plans to create a lifestyle campaign for GVS, creating assets with everyday users consuming the vodka soda. Further clarifying that this beverage goes with you.