If you are hungry for insights on the business of design, then you have likely come across one of Chris Do’s channels, where you’ll find him and his crew of industry pros delivering valuable talks, anecdotes, and expert advice.

On top of being an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator, Chris is very passionate about design and champions interdisciplinary knowledge of design, business, education, and entrepreneurship.

“It isn’t about making things pretty. It is about creating value, long-term value for the client.” It is all about asking the right questions and having a part in the conversation. (Source)



The Vancouver design industry is in for a treat this Thursday as Chris will be the featured guest at this month’s Creative Pulse event.

If you haven’t got a ticket to attend this sold out event, don’t panic. He currently hosts a Youtube channel with over 500k subscribers and regularly publishes content on the business of creativity.

Get a quick hit of wisdom below or visit the channel to browse everything here.