Here at Glacier Media, our internal agency ecosystem is made up of 150+ folks.

It’s time for another edition of Team GMD Q&A! It’s kind of like Vogue’s 73 Questions. Instead, it’s in blog form and there are less than 10 questions – because you’re busy and we respect your time.

Meet the Team: Naomi Papequash

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Naomi Papequash, the newest member of our devs team. Naomi is a BCIT grad, all round creator (from chili bread bowls to printmaking) and comes with a background in web development and design.

Read on to learn more about Naomi!

In a short paragraph, tell us a little bit about your role at GMD. What do you do on a daily basis:
Here at GMD, I’m a web developer. I work on an assortment of web maintenance tasks, revisions and website launches, along with helping on some internal products.

Personal kryptonite:
Any desserts that involve chocolate or strawberries.

Hidden talent:
Making chili with bread bowls.

I have a few hobbies, mostly art-related things, like printmaking, painting, drawing and most recently I have been dabbling in precious metal clay. I also enjoy the fish keeping hobby and have a few aquariums.

What are you currently listening to?

Random blues and jazz instrumental playlists.

If you had to give a TED talk, what would it be about?

Overcoming imposter-syndrome and work-related anxieties.

A cause/causes you are passionate about:

Investing in sustainable technologies for a more eco-friendly and efficient future.

What is the last thing you watched/listened to/read that inspired you, and why?
I read a book my relative wrote called The Yearning Journey. It particularly inspired me to reconnect with my own cultural heritage, because I think it’s important to find balance between tradition and modern life.

Favourite thing about working from home?

I can have lunch with my fiancé every day.

First thing you’re going to do when COVID is over?

Go to Taiwan.

Favourite thing about living in the metro Vancouver area:

I really love having a little taste of everything. The multicultural aspect here is amazing, sushi is cheap, and I’m glad to be near the ocean.

Favourite Vancouver weekend spot:
Anywhere by the ocean.

Last thing you binge-watched

Japan Sinks 2020.

One thing school taught you and one thing it didn’t:

School taught me that it’s important to keep learning new things. It didn’t teach me about the importance of finding balance in the different areas of your life.

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