Here, five tips for making sure your viewers stay engaged right till the end of your Stories (and that they share them with their friends). 

1. Don’t be Shy—Have fun!
Insta Stories are not a time to be serious. No matter how high-profile the brand, Stories are an opportunity to let loose and show your personality.
Heck, even Nasa and the President of France are having a blast using Insta Stories.

So go ahead and use the Rewind and Boomerang features, stickers, face masks, voice changers, and grab those pens and draw silly words and icons all over your images and videos. And don’t forget to include relevant hashtags, handles and location tags, so that other users with similar interests can find you, follow you and engage with your business.

2. Video, Video, Video!
Yes, there is a time and a place for static images in Insta stories but the fact is users loves the dynamic experience that audio and visuals provide. In fact, recent stats show that engagement for video is increasing at a faster pace than for static image posts. So try to post as much video as possible, with a few static images sprinkled in. You can either post a one-to-15 second video or do a live broadcast (which is ephemeral and disappears as soon as it’s posted).

3. Sharing is Caring.
Capitalize on your followers’ brand love by changing your settings to allow them to share your story. To do this, simply go to “settings,” then “story settings,” and select “Allow sharing.”

4. Get Engaged.
Configuring your story settings to allow users to send message replies will enable them to privately send you comments. Simply go to ‘Story Settings’ under ‘Account’ and select an option below ‘Allow Message Replies’. You can even create stories that are geared toward engagement by pointing out the message box or adding polls in your posts.

5. Add Instagram Story Links.
For those who have a verified account, or 10,000 + followers, this is an amazing tool for driving Instagram traffic to your website, latest blog post, or a contest.
Find out how to add links here: