Why are business owners so afraid of asking their customers for a review? 

As someone deeply engaged in enhancing businesses’ digital presence, I’ve noticed a common concern amongst business owners. Despite the desire for testimonials, anxiety surfaces when it comes to asking for them. Fear of negative feedback or client annoyance looms large. But, I challenge this apprehension. If seeking reviews induces unease, it raises a bigger question: confidence in your work—but that’s another topic that we won’t go into in this blog post. Rather, we’re going to dive deep into HOW to start building up your reviews whilst strengthening the relationships with your clients at the same time. You read that right.


Before we address the HOW, it’s crucial to understand the WHY.

In today’s digital landscape, where Google search results reign supreme, your online reputation is paramount. Potential clients heavily rely on reviews to make informed decisions. With competitors just a click away, your Google reviews play a pivotal role in establishing your brand’s credibility. Now that the WHY is out of the way, stay tuned as we delve into the HOW and the WHEN. Let’s start with the latter. 

The best time to request a review is obviously when you’ve achieved a noteworthy milestone for your client. The weight behind this event depends on the nature of your business (the right framework can also work wonders). For instance, a logistics company can discover a more efficient way to reduce time and/or costs in your shipment’s delivery route. As another example, a marketing agency is capable of launching a campaign that brings more customers to your website.

However, for businesses with simpler products and services, success isn’t always measured by the magnitude of the achievement. Let’s pretend you’re a plumber. You get a call about a bathroom pipe break, fix it, get paid—end of story. There’s no going above and beyond, no fixing the pipe “extra well”; you simply performed the job for which you were compensated. (Quick side note, there is obviously much to be said about customer service and that alone can make you stand out above the rest, even if your work is straight to the point, in and out.)

The question then arises: why should customers commend you for merely doing your job? It’s a valid question, particularly for businesses that are more straightforward, like the plumbing example. In such cases, think of it more as a “proof of work” or a “confirmation of a good job.” It boils down to reliability—something that is valued quite highly by consumers.

Getting a 5-star review doesn’t necessarily require a remarkable accomplishment. If the client is satisfied, that alone can justify a review.
Did I complete the job to your satisfaction? I’m pleased to hear that! Could you please sign here?


Now, let’s delve into the HOW.

Here’s a refined method that consistently yields positive results, making the customer more than willing to provide a review.

There are two main factors:
1. Simplifying the process for them,
2. Instilling eagerness, ensuring they’re delighted to fulfill your request.

Start by letting the client know about the positive success that has just happened. It’s crucial to present it as THEIR success. 

Next, you ask if they would be comfortable leaving this success in a review for you—don’t panic, you’re about to make it incredibly easy for them.

When asking for the review, provide a direct link that takes them straight to the type box to submit a review. (You can get this link from the review section in the back end of your Google My Business listing) 

But wait… There’s more!—provide an optional pre-written review. They can choose to copy and paste it, customize it to their liking, or compose an entirely new one. The choice is theirs, but the key is making it as effortless as possible.


Below is an example of how this entire email might look like:


I just wanted to let you know that last month we generated [KPI / RESULTS ACHIEVED] through your [SERVICE]! I’m very pleased with this! I hope the impact was felt on your end, and that the results are to your satisfaction.

If that is the case, would you mind leaving that feedback in a Google review?

The link below will take you directly to a type box where you can easily drop your feedback.

We love to celebrate and showcase these wins together because your success is our success too.

I know you’re busy. So if it makes it easier, here’s a pre-written review that you can copy and paste if you like, or feel free to put it into your own words. Either way, we appreciate the business.


Thanks again, [CLIENT NAME].
Let me know if you have any questions regarding these results, or if you have any issues clicking on that link.

We look forward to our continued collaboration, and driving more success for you and your business.

Have a great day.”




Now remember, I said this doesn’t have to be a ground-breaking achievement! 

How would the plumber write this email? See below:



Thank you for letting us come into your home and fix up your toilet.

I’m really glad our technicians were able to get in and out on your requested timeline, even despite the fact that they had to go back to the shop for a replacement part. You shouldn’t have any more issues!

Would you mind leaving your feedback on our successful job today in a Google review?

The link below will take you directly to a type box where you can easily drop your feedback.

I know you’re busy. So if it makes it easier, here’s a pre-written review that you can copy and paste if you like, or feel free to put it into your own words as well. Either way, we appreciate the business.


Thanks again, [CLIENT NAME].
Let me know if you have any questions, and once again, thank you for your business.

Have a great day!”



You didn’t replace their toilet with “the best toilet on the planet”, or go above-and-beyond by any stretch. However, you highlighted a job well done, and now that customer has one less problem than they had before they called you. This is a relief to them. And when you make it so easy, why wouldn’t they quickly sign off that it was a mission accomplished? Of course nothing is ever a guarantee, but you’ve initiated this in the best way possible.

So there you have it! We’ve identified why these reviews are so paramount, when is the right time to ask, and how to go about making this request.

By highlighting the positivity or seamlessness of the experience, your customer feels good, and in return, you secure a lasting review on your Google listing. And remember, the effort on their part is minimal—a simple few clicks—because you’ve already handled the heavy lifting (or not-so-heavy). It’s a win-win for everyone!

So the next time you’re thinking about testimonials and how you can get more, don’t shy away from asking your customer for a review! The bottom line is, if you’re doing a good job (and I’m confident you are), then you should be proud of your work. It takes a special kind of person to leave a negative review in a positive situation. I’m not saying that those types of people aren’t out there… At the very least, you’ve then got some constructive feedback to improve from. But as long as you can stand by the work you did, you should come out with a positive review, a higher rating for your business on Google, and a well-fostered relationship with the customer.

Let’s focus on building up those reviews and fortifying client relationships simultaneously!