Work hard, play hard, as the saying goes. Team GMD loves a good challenge, whether it’s solving a business problem through an integrated campaign or it’s a California Kickball game for bragging rights. This summer we did all of that and more.

Afternoon Mingler

Team GMD’s summer kicked off with a Vancouver Is Awesome mixer at David Lam Park. While it wasn’t especially sunny, everyone was in high spirits at the prospect of the brighter days and many outdoor minglers to come.


Outdoor Yoga

Every week at Jonathan Rogers Park, the GMD Yoga Club busted out a few Sun Salutations and other poses while cultivating our inner calm. Working in a fast-paced environment, having a lunch-hour reset was the perfect medicine. Practice makes perfect!

Annual Cs game

For the first time since 2019, Team GMD attended its annual Vancouver Canadians game at Nat Bailey. We were super excited to return and even more thrilled to discover our seats were in Section 10—the party seats! The afternoon was also an opportunity to reconnect with Glacier folks from other markets, many of whom we hadn’t seen in real life for far too long. The game against the Hillsboro Hops was a pitcher’s duel ending in a 2-1 win for the hometown Cs.


Shoreline Cleanups

This summer, our team participated in two shoreline cleanups: in July at Dude Chilling Park and in August along the Olympic Village seawall. It’s become something of a tradition and it feels good to contribute to cleaning up our city’s outdoor space. At each location, the team gathered five large bags of trash.



Sports Day

GMD Sports DayThe first annual Glacier Media Sports Day was held on Thursday, August 18th. What a blast! 

We had competitors from GMD, Vancouver Is Awesome, Eastward Media and various editorial departments. Plus, there were two food trucks on site!

Teams competed in classic games including egg-and-spoon race, water balloon toss, mini golf and blindfolded hula hoop. All of it came down to a highly competitive game of California Kickball between two teams, the Tamagotchis and the Green Machine, with the Green Machine taking top honours, bragging rights, the trophy and a half day off. 

There was also an ’80s-’90s theme for sporting attire—and the attendees did not disappoint! Pablo Narvaez took Best Dressed honours for his total commitment to the theme, with an angular haircut and retro moustache.  

Many thanks to everyone who took part and worked so hard to plan the event, and especially to the organizing committee led by Michelle Bhatti.