Choosing the right solution for your new website’s hosting can be confusing. The best analogy for this would be owning a car; are you planning on taking on regular repairs and maintenance yourself or will you be relying on a shop to do the regular tune-ups for you? The WordPress platform which our sites are built on provides many benefits such as ease of use, a plethora of plugins that make finding solutions easy and eye-catching themes that are optimized with user experience in mind.

These benefits not only require some experience working with a Content Management System (CMS) to implement and modify, but also regular updates in order for them to operate at an optimal, secure level. We offer an integrated Hosting and Maintenance package to take care of the regular oiling and engine-checks that come with maintaining a website so you don’t have to. Choosing a third party hosting service such as Godaddy often leaves clients feeling under-serviced and having to come back to us for costly website fixes or restorations down the line. The following outlines some key differences between our hosting and maintenance package and going with a third-party:

Site Changes

Every site on our hosting and maintenance package gets an hour of updates to images, text and layout. This is great for clients that need to make regular edits to their staff, services and products. Going with a third-party hosting service would leave you on your own in this regard.


WordPress is the go-to framework for developers and businesses alike. It has simple and powerful publishing tools, full flexibility and built-in SEO controls. WordPress websites are database driven and need to be maintained on a regular basis. New security patches and plugin updates are regularly released. These need to be applied in order to optimize site performance and to prevent vulnerabilities. Third-party hosting platforms don’t have automated updates at the basic level and it’s often that sites on these platforms go out of date, see loading speed increases, display issues and even site crashes. All sites on our hosting and maintenance plan see monthly manual updates to ensure optimum performance.


This is an additional reason you’d want to host your site on a private server. Your site is exposed to risks on shared hosting services including scripting hacks and malware. Our hosting service is exclusive to sites that our team has built, so you will never be sharing a hosting server with sites that could have malicious code. In addition to these benefits we also run multiple layers of web application firewalls to ensure your site is safe. Finally all of our sites include free SSL certificates ensuring that your site loads securely for you visitors.


It is also advisable to have a solid back-up system in place to recover your site in case of a hack, database corruption, or similar event. Certain third-party providers offer these at an additional cost, and if you don’t invest up front you can often lose your website in a crash or security breach leading to costly restoration fees. Our private server performs nightly backups on all our websites for your peace of mind.


If you are looking for a safe, secure and reliable hosting solution for your new GMD made website the best choice is to go with GMD Hosting & Maintenance. Not only do we offer monthly updates, top notch security and nightly backups, it’s all included with our hosting and maintenance package so you don’t have to worry about how much getting a backup might cost or whether you need additional services such as SSL certificates all of which can add up quickly.