Just like objects in your rearview mirror, the holidays are closer than they appear! There is a reason why Canadian Tire brings the Christmas decorations out as soon as the first brown leaf hits the ground. In order to make the best out of this holiday season, you need to be a few steps ahead of the competition and plan your marketing strategy with time.

A robust marketing campaign aims to achieve your clients’ awareness, engagement, and conversion. Here at GMD, we have everything you need in order to drive your target market through the funnel and capitalize on the coming holiday season with a powerful roster of the most requested and efficient digital marketing products out there. 

Up next, we will guide you through what we think a “supercharged” marketing strategy timeline for the holiday season would look like with GMD!


Sponsored Content

Everyone has their favourite local news source to find out what’s going on in their neighbourhood. What if you could reach your niche local customers through the voice of such news sources? Glacier Media Group owns 370 trusted local news media across Canada. Now your trusted local news sales representative can give you access to various local news sites. This means one article can run in multiple publications–there is no need to coordinate multiple schedules.

Tell an engaged audience why they should choose you. Sponsored content plays an important role in establishing brand credibility by associating your organization with that of a reputable publisher.

  • Long Term Branding
  • Content published on news website 
  • Content lives on our news website(s) for one year
  • Dedicated professionally written article for your business
  • Be featured as a local expert of your industry
  • Social pushes and display ad drivers add-on options
  • Reporting detailing performance, including reads, outbound link clicks, and more
  • Premium added value for SEO


Paid Social Ads

When you want to reach customers at the bottom of the digital marketing funnel or engage them to move down the funnel, consider social advertising. Our social ads focus on getting your brand in front of your target audience on Facebook and Instagram, the largest platforms for social display reach, so that you can drive conversions and #GetMoreDone. 

  • Custom-built ads with imagery and copywriting that match your branding 
  • Reach your target audience through demographic, interests, behaviour, and niche targeting with a campaign that’s highly customizable 
  • Our team of ad strategists optimize your campaign for the best results
  • Detailed performance reporting, including impressions, clicks, CTR, and landing page visits 


Display Ads (Community, Programmatic, DOOH)

Community Display: News readers are captive audiences. Our local news networks serve 180 million+ monthly page views on over 100 media brand sites. Implement community display ads to connect your ad messages to local customers.

Programmatic Display: This is an advertising tactic that targets people based on their behaviour: the websites they visit, the content they read, the key search terms they search for, and the places they go. Combined with community display, this tactic allows you to reach 99% of local internet traffic.

Digital Out Of Home: This tactic allows you to reach your target audience using display advertising in out-of-home and public spaces found across your community. By leveraging programmatic technology, we’re able to display your ads in ​​airports, transit shelters and stations, taxis, malls, gas stations, roadside billboards, convenience stores, sports venues, bars… the possibilities are endless!


Paid Search (SEM)

Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing is the process of using paid ads to appear on top of organic search results, which otherwise would have to compete for higher placement on the results page (SERP). In order to obtain the most out of SEM tactics, search engine optimization tactics (SEO) to go along are highly recommended!

  • Reach your target audience directly
  • Geolocation customization
  • Appear above organic results
  • Boost conversions and drive traffic to your site


Holiday Timeline

In order to come up with a comprehensive timeline that makes sense for our clients, we work backwards from their desired goal. In this case, we are trying to reach our desired market in time for Christmas and Boxing Day. 

Media Plan Rollout Timeline
Month October November December
Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
SEM Onboarding & Setup Holiday Season Purchases: Search Campaign Boxing Day Search Campaign
Social Ads Onboarding & Setup Holiday Season Purchases: Social Campaign Boxing Day Social Campaign
Programmatic & DOOH Onboarding & Setup Holiday Season Purchases: Display Campaign Boxing Day Display Campaign
Community Display Onboarding & Setup Holiday Season Purchases: Display Campaign Boxing Day Display Campaign
Sponsored Content (SC) Content brief, Setup, & Production Published Article
SC Social Ads Community Display Ads SP Supporting Digital Drivers Campaign

Ready to hit the ground running with a winning media strategy for your next integrated campaign? Connect with us for more information and to get started.