2020 brought changes that Shopify believes will persist even as Covid-19 mandates start to fade around the globe. Some brands born during these past few years will experiment with brick and mortar. They need memorable and engaging experiences to increase foot traffic in their physical stores to achieve this.

According to Shopify’s latest research blog, Future of Retail: “These changes demand new retail strategies to thrive. That’s why we’ve collected global, data-backed insights from hundreds of retail brands and thousands of consumers to get the full picture of what’s in store for 2022, as well as the strategies and products your business needs to succeed over the next year.”

Main Takeaways

  • Consumers are craving in-person shopping experiences
  • Favourable lease terms are tempting direct-to-consumer brands into brick and mortar
  • Physical retail becomes an affordable acquisition option
  • Brands are staying competitive with omnichannel commerce
  • Consumers are connecting with brands across multiple channels
  • Consumers expect consistency across channels
  • Customers expect world-class service (from everyone)
  • Brands are reimagining retail roles and compensation
  • Technology is helping brands deliver consistent experiences


For a more in-depth experience, check out Shopify’s Future of Commerce site. It has a lot of helpful information on current and future trends and how they evolve and adapt to meet these new challenges.